The Life & Times of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Society is full of interesting and brilliant people. Every sector of work has individuals that exceeds the status quo. For medical aesthetics, there is one female surgeon that personifies this notion to the highest degree. Dr. Jennifer Walden, M.D., is the plastic surgeon of all plastic surgeons. This woman has seen it all and has done it all, especially in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Walden is one of the most accomplished female surgeons as of today, and her legacy keeps growing by leaps and bounds. Her passion is what helps to set herself apart from her counterparts, and she takes her craft very seriously and more

As of May 2018, Dr. Walden has just racked-up another accolade. This accolade comes from being named the new Secretary of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This is a big time honor for the board-certified plastic surgeon, but it was generally expected. Thanks to providing such high-quality work, Dr. Walden has the potential to go even further. She already has a leadership role for being on the board of directors for this prestigious society. Her current role with the Aesthetic Society is being its Commissioner of Communications. This native-Texan has come a long way since she graduated with honors from the University of Texas. Dr. Walden attained her M.D. from the University of Texas Medical Branch, and she obtained her fellowship from the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. During her seven years in New York, she has held many prominent positions such as being the Program Director of the MEETH.

Rex and Houston, Walden’s twin boys, are her heart and soul. These little fellows were born right before she moved back to Austin. Making time to give back to the community is something that she prides herself on. Dr. Walden epitomizes the term community servant, and she has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

Ryan Seacrest Continually Pushes His Commitment To Radio And Television

Ryan Seacrest has been interested in the world of showbiz since he was just a little kid. Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974, Ryan Seacrest used to act out performances and perform in front of the television in his living room for his family. Ryan says he was often inspired by the works of Casey Kasem and Dick Clark. After high school, Ryan initially went to the University of Georgia in order to earn a degree in journalism, however, he ended up interning at a radio station during the same time. It was this work that finally allowed Ryan to transition towards building a career in show business. He left Georgia University and moved to Hollywood, never looking back.

It was during the 90’s that Ryan made this move and he started up a successful radio show, which was just the first of many that he would successfully run. Today, he hosts on On Air with Ryan Seacrest, among various other jobs he performs on a daily basis. This includes running a men’s clothing line for underwear, running a production studio, and even managing his own philanthropic organization, the Ryan Seacrest Foundation.

This organization aims to help sick children across the United States in various different ways, including bringing the family together and allowing the kids to experience more fun and engagement from other people. Various artists and celebrities have come to perform and spend time with the children in Ryan Seacrest’s Foundation, which is maintained by various studios around the country.

Since Ryan’s work on American Idol, he has been recognized throughout the country as a national icon in the industry of show business. He always has an eye and an ear on the celebs and has a constant foot on the red carpet to keep his fans updated on the current world of Hollywood. Today, Ryan Seacrest is widely acknowledged as being one of the busiest men in the business with all the jobs he takes on while still finding the time to give back to the community in other ways.

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Ryan Seacrest Evolves into a Magnificent Hosting Career

Who is Ryan Seacrest?

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned American producer, television and radio show host famous for his competitive hosting skills. He is widely known for hosting the competition show known as American Idol, and the American Top 40 program. Additionally, he has a morning show at KIIS-FM which goes viral. The dawn of his career began as a co-host with Kelly on a permanent basis in a show known as Live with Kelly and Ryan. The excellent skills bestowed upon Ryan have earned him an Emmy Award which led to his nomination at the American Idol where he won an Emmy Award due to his production of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Television hosting career

Ryan Seacrest began his career in 1993 when he hosted Radical Outdoor Challenge in its first season. He further hosted Gladiators2000, which is a three kid’s show game for two years from 1994. Moreover, he featured Wild Animal Games in 1995 & 1997. From then he has been a frequent host in established programs like Lover’s Lane beside hosting NBC movie on Saturday night.


In 2001, Ryan Seacrest hosted a program in reality television known as Ultimate Revenge. The program was frequently aired, and it portrayed practical family jokes impelled by either their relatives or friends. From then, he has systematically moved his career to greater heights. In 2002, he became a co-host American Idol alongside Brian Dunkleman. Ryan took a new position in 2005 as an executive producer as well as a cohost of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve where Seacrest demonstrated massive acumen in the first job. Ryan Seacrest’s talent elevated his career. As such, in 2015, he became the host of Knock Knock Live where he had a chance to connect ordinary people with extraordinary skills with celebrities. In 2017 Ryan joined a permanent co-hosting with Kelly Ripa in the Live with Kelly and Ryan show. He has also another radio show called “On Air With Ryan”.

More about Ryan

Seacrest has a big heart that has propelled him to philanthropy; he launched his nonprofit foundation which is focused on children’s health. Other than that, he is a celebrated television personality whose career goes beyond television and radio hosting to community development.

Sage Advice

Pediatrics is a difficult specialization to get involved in, especially if you are an immigrant from an ethnic group that is not looked highly upon in the United States. Dr. Saad Saad is a native of Egypt and obtained his medical license from the University of Cairo several decades ago. He moved to the United States, not only to find a better life for himself but to also find ways to study medicine further and to hone his skill beyond what was available in Egypt. Dr. Saad has recently decided to retire from the medical world after forty two years of practice and has been so kind as to share his personal ideas on how to be successful, not only in the medical profession but as a person in general.


One of Dr. Saad Saad’s pieces of sage advice is to never give up on goals that you set for yourself. It might sometimes seem daunting to complete some of our life goals, which makes sense since many of them are hard to accomplish. Being able to completely pay off debt, for instance, is an example of a goal that many people see as being as hard to do as climbing a mountain. If you continue to work in areas such as these with gusto and do not let them wear you down then you can succeed at them, as Dr. Saad has so kindly brought to our attention. Simple goals can be performed immediately as you think of them, which leads to the next life tip that Dr. Saad has explained.


Another thing that Dr. Saad recommends is to not procrastinate. If you can do the job in question at the moment than make sure you complete it and not attempt to do it later. The longer that we hold off on doing something the harder it becomes to actually complete it. Soon you will have a variety of different tasks that need to be done instead of just the original, which means that you will be even further away from finishing than you were when you could have started in the first place.


Before retiring from medicine Dr. Saad Saad saw great levels of success. He has been personally responsible for saving the lives of thousands of children with various ailments. Not only was Dr. Saad involved in pediatrics, his main specialty was pediatric surgery. This career choice can be emotionally difficult at times, not just physically as it can pull on the heart strings to see children in such pain. He will be sorely missed in the medical world for his vast knowledge and skill. Hopefully, with the advice he has given, he will continue to mentor. Learn more:


Dr. Jim Toner: Fertility Specialist, Medical Researcher, and Humanitarian

Dr. Jim Toner specializes in infertility and Reproductive Endocrinology the identification of infertility and the treatment thereof in women and men. Dr. Toner is board certified in both fields. He also specializes in recurrent miscarriage. With nearly three decades of experience Dr. Toner has been practicing with the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine since 2014.

The websites and both contain patient ratings and reviews for Dr. Jim Toner. His average rating was 4.8 out of possible 5 stars. A patient using the screen name HCOOOO reports, “…I am seen within 1-10 mins when I arrive…” “HCOOOO also reports that the skill and positive attitudes of Dr. Toner and the ACRM nurses lends hope to a process that can sometimes be disheartening. This patient states that when communications are sent to Dr. Toner’s office “…they always get back to me quickly.” In summing up the attitude of Dr. Jim Toner and the ACRM staff HCOOOO states, “…they really care.”

The reviews Dr. Toner’s patients post have certain reoccurring themes. His endearing personality, compassion, and skill. In sharing the issues that were making it difficult for her to conceive neves99 wrote, ” Dr. Toner was frank (but kind) about my age and weight.” Owing to the course of treatment Dr. Toner devised neves99 critique revealed, “…thankfully we’re expecting our first baby in a few weeks.” “He suggested us the best treatment that was perfectly suitable for our financial conditions…” recorded mcasanket70. The fact that Dr. Jim Toner “…did not push unnecessary procedures.” was appreciated by atlisgreat.

Dr. Jim Toner holds a B. S. in Psychology from Philadelphia’s St. Joseph’s College. His psychological expertise has proven especially useful in his fertility practice. In 1985 he earned an MD and PH. D. after completing the University of Pennsylvania’s Medical Scientist Training program. A residency at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine followed and while at the Jones Institute Dr. Toner was recognized at the “Resident of the Year”. By the time he left the Jones Institute to join ACRM, he was an Associate Professor at Jones.

The multiple awards that Dr. Toner’s medical research in the field of fertility has garnered him include the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Ciba-Geigy Award, the AFS / Ortho Fellowship. His professional affiliations are with the American Society of Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. Building houses with Habitat for Humanity is an example of his charitable efforts and involvement in his community.

Ryan Seacrest – The Man That Does It All

Ryan’s Back Story

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Ryan Seacrest always new he wanted to have a career in entertainment. Some of his influences are Casey Kasem and Dick Clark. Ryan’s first career moment was as an intern at radio station in Atlanta. He continued on at the radio station after his internship to become a radio host during his college years.

In California, Ryan had a great run with on air radio shows. So great that he eventually took over as host of the on air show, American Top 40. Although radio is his first love, he eventually moved on to television. Ryan Seacrest’s stardom boosted after being discovered to host the American Idol Show in 2002.

After being noticed for his style on American Idol, he was wooed to host other shows and events. He was a news anchor for the network E!, appeared on the Today Show, and hosts The Million Second Quiz Show. He also took over as host of the annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’. Just recently Ryan was signed and named as co-host to Kelly Ripa on the daytime show Kelly & Ryan. He is a renown producer of such hits as, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Giuliana and Bill, and many others. Ryan won an Emmy Award for his excellent producing skills during 2010-2011.

Ryan Seacrest’s Additional Pursuits and Charitable Foundation

In 2012, Seacrest partnered with Mark Cuban to create a triple threat of entertainment companies. He is co-creator with Cuban of Ryan Seacrest Media, Creative Artists Agency and AEG respectively. Ryan Seacrest Media has created a new TV channel, AXS TV for pop culture enthusiasts.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a non-profit organization that inspires the youth through a fusion of entertainment and education programs. One major project is to have broadcast media centers, called Seacrest Studios, within pediatric hospitals. This project will give patients the opportunity to delve into their creative sides through multiple forms of media. Ryan hopes that this will be a good influence on patients and their families as they recover from their illness.

Ryan also believes in community service. He has created other programs through Ryan Seacrest Foundation to aid in giving students opportunities in educating them on careers in multimedia. The program allows students to explores subjects ranging from journalism to broadcasting. In addition to exposure, students will get a real experience in all theses areas to see what it really takes to make it in the entertainment industry.

Meet Jed McCaleb: The co-founder of Stellar Foundation and

One of Jed McCaleb’s missions in life is to utilize technology to lessen inefficiency and ameliorate the conditions of his fellow human beings. As an inventor, cryptocurrency aficionado, and Internet entrepreneur, Jed McCaleb has placed himself in a unique place — his thoughts are on solving global issues using high technology. McCaleb has made a name for himself using his industry disrupting technology and his entrepreneurial zeal.

In very niche areas of finance and technology like cryptocurrency and the blockchain, McCaleb has a lot to say about it. McCaleb has been focusing quite intently on his Internet and cryptocurrency-based project, Stellar. McCaleb came to the realization that the financial organizational structure of the world was broken. And this was based on the 2.5 billion people who live the developing world without access to banks.

Jed McCaleb got involved in entrepreneurship and started using his programming abilities around the time of the technology and e-commerce boom in 1999. McCaleb developed a network of computer nodes and an immense file-sharing network in its day called eDonkey.

These days, Jed McCaleb and Stellar co-founder, Joyce Kim are using blockchain technology and Bitcoin as the impetus behind universal financing processes and their protocols like APIs. The elements of Stellar directly involve banking transactions and small-time players, who are looking to help those without banking options. was founded in 2014. The Stellar network directly supports, a non-profit, which melds technology and financial literacy. Stellar connects different banking institutions to each other using Bitcoin.

In terms of other technology sectors and niches that Jed McCaleb considers interesting, artificial intelligence (AI) is one of them. To McCaleb, AI is both an exciting, yet scary technology that may be a revolutionary thing that he compares to the agricultural revolution. McCaleb sees AI as a way to solve many problems and make people’s lives much easier over the next two decades. McCaleb had donated money and is also an advisor to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), a non-profit organization. MIRI’s mission is to develop tools to make sure that future AI software is operated safely.

The Oxford Club Makes Financial Freedom a Real Possibility

The Oxford Club is strongly focused on the financial success of their members and they help take the complexity, mystery, and head-scratching out of investing. To the uninitiated, markets and the vast array of opportunities can be quite intimidating. The research products that they produce can provide a clear roadmap for those seeking financial independence. They put forth three newsletters and 12 trading services to help members harness the power of global financial markets.

The origins of The Oxford Club go back to 1989 when a small group of entrepreneurs and investors banded together in an effort to outperform the market. Their guiding light was the notion that the best opportunities were found through personal contacts and deep research efforts. This philosophy is still a part of their methods today and helps them produce extraordinary market products.

The wide range of members who are a part of The Oxford Club ensures that their newsletters and trading services can help people at every step of their financial journey. Those brand new to the investing world and those who are seasoned and experienced with the markets can all find great value in their membership and its benefits.

The Premier membership gives its subscribers access to one of the monthly newsletters put forth by The Oxford Club such as their flagship Oxford Communique. The Director’s Circle package is a lifetime benefit with access to all three newsletters which are packed with expert market analysis and trading ideas. The pinnacle of membership is the Chairman’s Circle which gives complete access to all publications and special website features for a lifetime.

Investment U is another tremendous value at The Oxford Club and it gives members the chance to deepen their investing and financial knowledge. It also has something for everyone from newbie investors to advanced market participants. The courses, videos, and conferences can either build a base of knowledge or add significantly to it.

The Oxford Club is one of the foremost private networks of investors with an entrepreneurial flair. They are found all around the world in 131 countries with over 157,000 members. The chance for life-changing wealth that isn’t only about money give them a distinction.

Rodrigo Terpins and The Ominous Risk He’s Facing For The Pursuit of Victory

It is safe to say that there are many people today that are too passionate to care for their life and their safety. There are people whose bellicose personalities make them hostile to themselves. They become less prone to accept their limits, and they push themselves so much that they end up gaining more harm than benefits. One of these leaders who still struggle against obstacles in the pursuit of some existentialist mission is Rodrigo Terpins.

The Businessman with Passion for Racing

We already all know that Rodrigo Terpins is the Brazilian businessman behind many outstanding companies. He is known for being the founder of ABEIM and ABVTEX Brazilian Textile Retail Association, and he’s also one of the partners in various reforestation projects. We should also include here the fact that Rodrigo Terpins is a passionate race car driver. He’s never at odds with his soul for racing, and he always spends the time to make sure that his driving skills are honed to its acme.

One race car rally that he recently joined with his brother Michel Terpins is the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This rally lasted so long that it might even be said to be one of the most challenging races that he’s been part of today. Rodrigo won the Prototype T1 category, but that doesn’t mean that he can already fell contented. His drive to succeed more is still here, and he would never still allow being a backseat driver of his dreams. There’s still a lot of race car rallies ahead of Rodrigo, and with such passion for wonderful race car experiences, no one can stop him from pushing for more. Check out hackronym to see more.

He will not be stopped by the large series of challenges in budgeting for a car. He would not be stopped by any hard and dirty terrain that could threaten his life during the race. He wouldn’t allow himself to bark at the moon and forget about his dreams. He has to achieve it, and fortunately, he did. He has recently won the 4th Overall Ranking position in the Sertoes Rally, and that in itself is a significant achievement.

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The Highly Esteemed Career Of Alexandre Gama

     If it weren’t for advertising, businesses wouldn’t be anywhere close to where they are today. Brazilians can thank several people for the thriving advertising industry in the South American country, though one of the most involved, prominent, and unarguably important such figures is Alexandre Gama.

In 1999, Mr. Alexandre Gama rooted off from Young & Rubicam – today it’s known as Y&R – to found Neogama, the self-named advertising agency that has since become known as one of the biggest contributors to advertising excellence across the entirety of Brazil.

Mr. Alexandre Gama is fortunate enough to be known as the very first Brazilian national to lead any global system of advertising or marketing agencies as a Global Chief Creative Officer, a task he accomplished at BBH, one of London, England’s hottest advertising groups.

He’s also been known as the only Brazilian to serve on the Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board.