The Oxford Club Makes Financial Freedom a Real Possibility

The Oxford Club is strongly focused on the financial success of their members and they help take the complexity, mystery, and head-scratching out of investing. To the uninitiated, markets and the vast array of opportunities can be quite intimidating. The research products that they produce can provide a clear roadmap for those seeking financial independence. They put forth three newsletters and 12 trading services to help members harness the power of global financial markets.

The origins of The Oxford Club go back to 1989 when a small group of entrepreneurs and investors banded together in an effort to outperform the market. Their guiding light was the notion that the best opportunities were found through personal contacts and deep research efforts. This philosophy is still a part of their methods today and helps them produce extraordinary market products.

The wide range of members who are a part of The Oxford Club ensures that their newsletters and trading services can help people at every step of their financial journey. Those brand new to the investing world and those who are seasoned and experienced with the markets can all find great value in their membership and its benefits.

The Premier membership gives its subscribers access to one of the monthly newsletters put forth by The Oxford Club such as their flagship Oxford Communique. The Director’s Circle package is a lifetime benefit with access to all three newsletters which are packed with expert market analysis and trading ideas. The pinnacle of membership is the Chairman’s Circle which gives complete access to all publications and special website features for a lifetime.

Investment U is another tremendous value at The Oxford Club and it gives members the chance to deepen their investing and financial knowledge. It also has something for everyone from newbie investors to advanced market participants. The courses, videos, and conferences can either build a base of knowledge or add significantly to it.

The Oxford Club is one of the foremost private networks of investors with an entrepreneurial flair. They are found all around the world in 131 countries with over 157,000 members. The chance for life-changing wealth that isn’t only about money give them a distinction.

Rodrigo Terpins and The Ominous Risk He’s Facing For The Pursuit of Victory

It is safe to say that there are many people today that are too passionate to care for their life and their safety. There are people whose bellicose personalities make them hostile to themselves. They become less prone to accept their limits, and they push themselves so much that they end up gaining more harm than benefits. One of these leaders who still struggle against obstacles in the pursuit of some existentialist mission is Rodrigo Terpins.

The Businessman with Passion for Racing

We already all know that Rodrigo Terpins is the Brazilian businessman behind many outstanding companies. He is known for being the founder of ABEIM and ABVTEX Brazilian Textile Retail Association, and he’s also one of the partners in various reforestation projects. We should also include here the fact that Rodrigo Terpins is a passionate race car driver. He’s never at odds with his soul for racing, and he always spends the time to make sure that his driving skills are honed to its acme.

One race car rally that he recently joined with his brother Michel Terpins is the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This rally lasted so long that it might even be said to be one of the most challenging races that he’s been part of today. Rodrigo won the Prototype T1 category, but that doesn’t mean that he can already fell contented. His drive to succeed more is still here, and he would never still allow being a backseat driver of his dreams. There’s still a lot of race car rallies ahead of Rodrigo, and with such passion for wonderful race car experiences, no one can stop him from pushing for more. Check out hackronym to see more.

He will not be stopped by the large series of challenges in budgeting for a car. He would not be stopped by any hard and dirty terrain that could threaten his life during the race. He wouldn’t allow himself to bark at the moon and forget about his dreams. He has to achieve it, and fortunately, he did. He has recently won the 4th Overall Ranking position in the Sertoes Rally, and that in itself is a significant achievement.

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The Highly Esteemed Career Of Alexandre Gama

     If it weren’t for advertising, businesses wouldn’t be anywhere close to where they are today. Brazilians can thank several people for the thriving advertising industry in the South American country, though one of the most involved, prominent, and unarguably important such figures is Alexandre Gama.

In 1999, Mr. Alexandre Gama rooted off from Young & Rubicam – today it’s known as Y&R – to found Neogama, the self-named advertising agency that has since become known as one of the biggest contributors to advertising excellence across the entirety of Brazil.

Mr. Alexandre Gama is fortunate enough to be known as the very first Brazilian national to lead any global system of advertising or marketing agencies as a Global Chief Creative Officer, a task he accomplished at BBH, one of London, England’s hottest advertising groups.

He’s also been known as the only Brazilian to serve on the Publicis Groupe Global Creative Board.

Mike Baur Helps People Make Digital Entrepreneur Success Stories

One of the major changes in the business world over the past few decades has been the shift to a digital world. Many things that are done in the world today are impacted by technology that has been integrated into the core aspects of business operations. A large percentage of the things that are done today are affected by technology innovations that have occurred over the past few decades. A digital environment has become the norm for many companies in the business world.


Therefore, people have become familiar with using digital operations for things such as banking online, shopping online, paying bills online, and numerous other things that people do on a regular basis are now commonly completed using the Internet and digital technology capabilities. As the move to digital operations has become the preferred mode of operations for many companies, the way that people look to do things in their personal lives has changed. Social media and other platforms that are available using the Internet have become extremely popular. Millions of people use these platforms on a daily basis to communicate with others and to keep informed about various things in their lives.


As entrepreneurs have seen how the Internet and digital methods have taken over many operations in the business world, there has been a trend by some entrepreneurs to start digital companies instead of brick and mortar companies. There are many reasons why some entrepreneurs are making the move to start digital companies instead of physical companies.


Although there are various reasons, the thought process is the same for many of these entrepreneurs. The number of business people who have an interest in digital companies has created a wave of companies that have begun to provide assistance to entrepreneurs who want to start digital companies.


One of the companies that is providing help for entrepreneurs who want to start digital companies is the Swiss Startup Factory. The company was started by three partners. One of the partners is Mike Baur who has a key role in the day-to-day business operations regarding the Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike Baur has been instrumental in many aspects of the Swiss Startup Factory. With the help that he has provided, the Swiss Startup Factory has become one of the top startup companies in Switzerland. Mike Baur brings a great deal of business experience to the Swiss Startup Factory, and he has contributed to the digital company success of numerous clients who come to the Swiss Startup Factory for training and mentoring assistance.


Dr. Saad Saad has One Impressive Career

Dr. Saad Saad is one man who has never been known to have a boring life. From a young age, he saw his older two brothers working in engineering and thought to himself that he wanted to pursue the same exact career. He saw how hard working his brothers were and it excited him about the career path, though he did not find working outside in the extreme heat to be an enjoyable though, so Dr. Saad Saad began to think about his career even more. He knew one thing he wanted from a career was the convenience of working inside underneath an air conditioner. After some time and with lots of thinking he finally came to the conclusion that he wanted to become a surgeon, something he at first decided on because of the fact he could work indoors. His love for the profession quickly changed once he started getting more experience and started learning more.


Dr. Saad Saad was happily born into a family, in Palestine, where he was one of a total of eight kids. Shortly after being born his family moved to Kuwait, which is where he grew up and spent most of his childhood at. Though he said living in a larger family may not always be an easy thing, he has stated that it’s one thing that he would not change for anything in the world. Learn more:


Dr. Saad Saad first acted on his career by attending Cairo University. This is the university where he first started to learn about the impact his career choice was going to make in the world and also valuable skills that he still uses to this day. While he attended the university he was also able to proudly receive honors and was also able to happily graduate with being second in his class.


As of today, Dr. Saad Saad is very happy with the accomplishments he has made. The biggest accomplishment, however, happens to be his wife, which he has been happily married to for many years and also their four children that they have. Each of their children has made a very impressive career for themselves and continue to grow their careers today.

Rocketship Education’s Advances In Educational Strategies

Achievement is at the heart of every teachers mind as they teach. Obviously as a teacher, the goal is to help a child foster a good relationship towards their life and their education. However, not all schools can readily achieve this with their students. The question that often arises is, “What makes for a successful student?”

Motivation is certainly one of the driving factors for childhood success in education. Proper motivation is often fostered by a supportive student environment that is enthusiastic and dynamic.

At Rocketship Education, the teachers prioritize helping each child learn the keys to success. Each student at Rocketship Education is taught proper education habits and is given a high peer and faculty supportive environment.

Studies have shown that students that are given the right tools and the right environment are more likely to succeed in their education and are more eager to achieve. Through the Rocketship Education platform, the focus is on low student-teacher ratio and teaching students good study habits for time management, adjusting the priority of academic tasks and making sure their time at home affords them proper rest and good dietary habits.

Additionally, teachers work with students on project based learning in addition to the traditional book based education. This helps children to feel engaged in a process of learning with more practical applications with their peers in a group effort. Students at Rocketship learn to realize that they have skills for learning. Through the guidance and teaching by the faculty, students begin to understand that by excelling in their learning skills they will have more success in life beyond their traditional educational settings.

Teachers at Rocketship Education are also engaged in increasing and adapting their teaching strategies to help children better perform. This strive for teacher excellence has a very positive impact on students as they grow to understand how vested the teachers are in their continued growth and education. The faculty at Rocketship also works to ensure that parents are involved in the educational process with their children so that a child’s success is nurtured in their home environment as well.

Rocketship Education has a proven hybrid method with years of proven success in their holistic approach to teaching. Their school system ranks in the top 1% of all public schools in the state of California that serve students of lower income levels. Additionally, they rank higher than many school districts in the country.

Jed McCaleb Continues Growth of Stellar

The rise of Bitcoin has been one of the biggest stories in the investment world over the past few years. Those that were able to invest in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have seen their values increase dramatically in value. One individual that has been a major contributor and investor in the industry has been Jed McCaleb. He is best known for starting a number of very popular coins and exchanges including eDonkey, Mt. Gox, and Ripple. His ownership in Ripple alone at one point was worth over $20 billion, which would make him one of the richest people in the world.


While he has already been very successful with his existing businesses, Jed McCaleb continues to look for new ways to invest and expand his interests. In 2014 he and his business partner Joyce Kim started a new company called Stellar. Stellar is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways in the world for people to exchange money. It is an open-source protocol that provides people with the ability to exchange money in a safe and anonymous environment.


Today, many different organizations across the world are using Stellar as a primary way to exchange money. The company has also landed some major contracts that will help the business to grow. In October 2017 IBM created a partnership with Stellar that would work on finding a way to increase the speed in payments that are made across the globe. This included finding ways to provide faster payment speeds in developing nations across Africa and Asia. The new joint venture with AT&T will provide the company with far more processing speed than previously imagined.


There are many reasons why Jed McCaleb and Stellar are making a major move in the world today. One of the biggest concerns that people have with the global economy today is that there is too much fluctuation in value of currencies and that countries can be corrupt. Because of this, finding a way to use a currency that is not tied to one nation could be advantageous and it appears to be the wave of the future.

How Hussain Sajwani Became An Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai businessman who is the founder, chief executive officer, and chairman of DAMAC Properties. He had developed this company into a real estate development firm that has built luxury residential properties throughout the Middle East as well as one in London. He is starting to pick out sites in Europe as well to put in luxury buildings, such as the coast of Spain.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Hussain Sajwani moved back home and soon thereafter launched a catering venture. Since he founded this company in 1982 it has expanded and it now supplies catered food in nations throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. He saw an opportunity develop in the United Arab Emirates real estate market in 2002 which is when he launched DAMAC Properties.

Today, DAMAC Properties has built luxury homes in cities like Dubai, Doha, Beirut, Riyadh, Jeddah, and more. He and his team have delivered almost 18,000 homes and their development portfolio includes another 44,000 that are in different stages of development. He has ably led this firm and it is his leadership ability that is largely credited for the huge success of his company.

Hussain Sajwani says that when he was a child he often worked at his father’s retail shop. He says this experience influenced him to be an entrepreneur himself once he got older. While he attended the UW he sold time-share apartments on the side in order to generate income. He saved quite a bit of this money and used it when he launched his catering venture.

As for his typical day of work, Hussain Sajwani says that he spends a good part of each day in business meetings. These often involve his management team who keep him informed about all of the different aspects of DAMAC Properties. He also has meetings with partners of his company as well as people in the business community. He says he has forged many professional contacts because that is how you get ahead in the real estate industry.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani’s Exquisite Vision

Business Bay welcomes its newest posh waterfront high-rise, Reva Residences. DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has surpassed himself by developing this luxurious tower in the middle of Dubai, overlooking its majestic water canal.


Reva Residences delivers a premium locale matched with exquisite upscale construction. The property aims to please with unrivaled 24-hour concierge and an ambient lifestyle that is second to none. It’s one and two bedroom apartments are forged to amaze; one bedroom homes start at remarkable rates of AED 699,000. Homes are handsomely priced to appeal to tenants that appreciate opulent lifestyles.


The Business Bay area is on the rise of becoming one of the most desirable sectors in the Middle East. Most are attracted to its remarkable business district, retail shopping options, and dining experiences. Forward-minded professionals will resonate with the features and exclusivity that the property gives. It is conveniently situated steps away from shops, premier eateries, and varied corporate venues. Wake up to stunning views of Dubai’s Canal daily in this affluent skyscraper. Take advantage of elegant features, modern interiors, personalized kitchens, and monumental lavatories. Furthermore, it is surrounded by scenic paths, landscaped parks, and top-of-the-line shopping in the world’s largest retail center.


DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani-a UAE national, founded the global property development company in 2002. He is a graduate of the University of Washington where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. His professional career began at GASCO-an Abu Dhabi national oil company, as a Contracts Manager. Shortly thereafter, he ventured out to start his own catering business which garnered extreme success and growth. Later, the self-made entrepreneurs’ professional interests leaned towards the real estate industry. To date, he has brilliantly cultivated over twenty thousand luxury units, with a portfolio of over forty thousand units that are still in developmental stages. DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani has a manner of reinventing himself as a visionary and global market leader. He and real estate giant Donald Trump collaborated and effected a glamorous golf course community. Mr. Sajwani leans on his creative intuition and harmonious expertise to develop phenomenal five-star hotels worldwide.

Learn more about DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani here:

How Joel Friant’s Enthusiasm For Small Business Led To The Original Habanero Shaker

Entrepreneur Joel Friant has thought up a lot of unique concepts over the years. These ideas have been applied to a number of industries such as real estate, restaurant, and success training. One of his best ideas occurred in 1995. He wanted to introduce American to how great habanero peppers are, a spice that many people didn’t know about at the time. The result was the Habanero Shaker.

Back then, there were some habanero-based spices around but they were all in bottles mixed with cheap spices and salt. He wanted to offer people a way to get the real deal and so his bottles featured nothing but dried, ground habaneros that had been picked at the right time for the best heat. He named it the Habanero Shaker and made it his flagship product. In the 1990s it was sold in area grocery stores.

A number of years ago Joel Friant reintroduced his habanero product as the Original Habanero Shaker. He married this product to his love of technology by moving sales of it away from physical stores and instead being offered online. He says the big reasons for this is that he can reach a far broader market this way and it also simplifies the marketing for him. He’s had a lot of big success since making this switch and the Original Habanero Shaker is great reviews, such as his page on Amazon’s website.

Beyond offering a great taste and the perfect amount of heat, habanero peppers have a number of health benefits to them. First, they are rich sources of Vitamins A and B. The immune system uses these two vitamins to stave off illnesses. Second, they are one of natures painkillers that can create a calm feeling after a person has consumed them.

Joel Friant continues to use research to make the Original Habanero Shaker even better. This includes finding even better farms to get his habanero peppers from. He also researches the containers so that the shelf life of his product lasts for a long time without the need for any preservatives.

You can find Joel Friant on Instagram