Alex Pall Discovering Music

Music has changed a lot over time. A lot of the music today doesn’t show how people feel. The music shows the feelings and emotions of someone other than the one that is writing the music. There are musicians that are committed to making sure that they are expressing themselves through the music that they create for their fans to listen to over time. One person that is committed to staying true to himself is Alex Pall. Alex Pall is a member of the group the Chainsmokers. The group consisted of him and his counterpart Andrew Taggart. They are both DJs. The group is known for their DJ skills. They have been able to draw an audience because of the music that they create.

Before the Chainsmokers took off Alex Pall was a member of the Chainsmokers, but Andrew Taggart had not yet joined the group. Andrew Taggart joined later, and they immediately connected and started making music. Although the group consists of individuals, Alex Pall has made sure that they both have a part in the creation of their music. Instead of having a lot of people be a part of their music creation process Pall decided that they would put their head together to make the music that they loved. They were not worried about fitting in they wanted to make relatable music for their listeners to have access to.

Alex Pall has created a career by expressing his passion through his music. Although he did not plan on being a DJ full-time, he has embraced the creative outlet that DJing has created for him. Before dedicating his career to be a DJ, he was a DJ only for a side gig. He needed extra money so made DJing into one of his hobbies and did what he loved in his spare time. DJ turned into his career because he could not escape the love that he had for DJing. He had to embrace his passion because it had already begun to take over his life before he decided that would be his full-time career in life.

Why the Waiakea Water Company is dominating the Industry

Every person can be successful in whatever industry they are as long as they have what is required in the industry. The founder of the Waiakea Company said that breaking through in the industry was not easy because old people dominate the water bottled company. Today, the firm that was founded in 2012 is the leading company in the industry. It has improved with 5000% since then, with an annual improvement of 170%. This is a very high rate of growth.

The competitors are beginning to feel the pinch of the Waiakea Company in the industry. They are not pleased with the new standards that the firm is setting. The Waiakea Water industry generosity is hard to keep up with; no firm can match it. It has been dominating the news when it comes to the sector of the humanitarian work.

To begin with, the firm has been helping in the digging of wells in Africa to help solve the water problem. They also supply Malawi with clean water every week. That is not all about its philanthropic work; the company has some of their income set aside to help other charity organizations in the society.

Also, the Waiakea has helped in the environmental issues. The water bottled company has led to the destruction of the environment with the bottles littering everywhere. The Waiakea Company has launched a water bottle that will decay in 15 years. It will also be 100% recyclable. The water bottle will help in solving the environmental challenge that the water bottle has caused.

Lastly, the pH of the Waiakea Water Company is regulated to protect the health of your body. Acidic products are unhealthy for your body, as they offset the pH of your body which should be at 7.4. Most companies have come up with ways of raising the pH of the water which may destroy your health. It is, therefore, vital to ensure you take products of companies you trust. The alkaline substances range between 7 and 14. Avoid beverages with a pH between 0 and 5.5, as they are considered very acidic.

Jed McCaleb Shares His Visions For The Future Of Blockchain

The name Jed McCaleb has been associated with some of the most impressive cryptocurrency companies yet to be created. McCaleb began his work with the bitcoin industry with the bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and now works with Stellar as its chief technology officer. McCaleb and Stellar are currently hard at work developing a network for cryptocurrency that facilitates cross-border payments.

Jed McCaleb, while talking recently with says that a universal network for payments is approaching in our, not too distant future and will be connected to things that people are used to using like Euros, dollars, etc.

Not so surprisingly, the company for which McCaleb works is seeking to achieve this solution first. Stellar boasts of a transaction time of five seconds or less and provides a way for users to exchange currencies that are backed by world governments. IBM presently using the network provided by Stellar to develop payments systems that cross borders with some of the larger banks with which the company does business.

Another opinion of Jed McCaleb is that the feverish sales pace of initial coin offerings, which have raided %9 billion in just four years, give hint to the fact that the market still possesses room to grow.

This influx of monies has also given rise to a number of fraudsters that pretend to be running similar fundraisers and have caught the attention of regulators in many countries. But cryptocurrency proponents stress the fact that this type of business fundraising is here to stay.

These types of ‘coin sales’ are different from conventional methods of business fundraising such as seeking venture capital because these token sales are by way of individual investors and can benefit the investor by either providing a future platform or providing a profitable return on investment.

A final projection by McCaleb is that assets that are not associated with crypto technology like stocks will soon become digitized by use of the same technology.

Several companies have already been seen to make attempts at connecting traditional financial markets to digital currency and one of them, Seccurrency, a company that is headquartered in Maryland, is expected to soon allow stock purchases with bitcoin.

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Mr. Hussain Sajwani Feeds The World and Helps Young People

Mr. Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani founded the DAMAC Properties of Dubai in 2002. He is not only the CEO, he is also the President and Chairman of this preeminent real estate company. The DAMAC Properties manages luxury commercial, residential, and hospitality properties throughout the UK and the UAE.

Mr. Sajwani graduaed with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington (U.S.). Hussain Sajwani began his illustrious career as Contracts Manager with the GASCO Company, a subsidiary of a leading national oil company.

DAMAC Properties is the largest real estate property holder of the Middle East. Mr. Sajwani was chosen as Forbes leading global realtor in 2017. In addition to DAMAC Properties, Hussain’s acclaim includes his success as an international financier and investor. In 1992, Hussain Sajwani created his own investment company called ZDICO Invests.

Hussain Sajwi has a close friend in President Donald Trump and his family members. In 2013, Mr. Sajwani and then Mr. Trump developed golf courses in Dubai which was opened in 2017.

According to, Mr. Sajwani wants people to know that he has no hidden political agenda in working with the Trump family because he is not seeking any political positions. Donald Trump devested from this investiture when he was elected President.

Additional business interests for Mr. Sajwani includes his very successful food and catering service company which he began in 1997, called Al Jazeira Services. Mr. Sajwani has increased the company’s presence throughout the world.

Today the Al Jazeira Services enterprise is the largest meal and housing business, serving any and all types of industries.

With a net worth of over 3 billion dollars, Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is a generous philanthropist. He sits on many prestigious boards like the Majan University College in Oman and the U.S./Emirates Takaful Company of Abu Dhabi. See Sajwani on YouTube for more information.

He supports the activities of the JUNO Online Services and the Majan University College. Mr. Sajwani and DAMAC Properties has donated food and clothing to children’s organizations around the world. says that Sajwani believes that all young people deserve a chance at becoming an entrepreneur which is why he helps youth organizations through workshops, programs, and more. Mr. Hussain Sajwani and his family currently reside in Dubai United Arab Emirates.


Heather Russell Brings a Wealth of Experience to TransUnion Executive Team

Heather Russell has been chosen to take on the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for TransUnion. She replaced John Blenke on June, 4th after his voluntary resignation.

Russell brings over 20 years of executive legal experience to TransUnion. She is thoroughly versed in all areas of corporate rules and regulations, security concerns, and the vast array of complexities that are a huge part of a job with such a number of critical responsibilities.

Heather Russell was previously a legal executive at the law firm of Buckey Sandler, LLC where she played a major role in providing leadership in the areas of financial regulation, security, and fintech for all of the firm’s financial organizations.

According to Wikipedia, Russell’s previous executive experience includes (but is not limited to), the position of Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Fifth Third Bank. Russell has also held several high-level positions at a variety of corporate firms. Heather Russell also has a top-notch education earning a JD (with honors) from American University Washington College of Law, and Russell has earned a BA from the College of William and Mary.

Heather Russell is filling a critical role at TransUnion. Information has never been a more valuable commodity than it is today. The importance of properly regulating, managing, and securing data literally can have repercussions on a global scale that can adversely affect the financial operations of governments around the globe. It is of vital importance that top executives with the expertise of Heather Russell are needed like never before, to help create critical data solutions for companies such as TransUnion that are an important part of life in the digital age.

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Jeff Herman And His Fight Against Sexual Abuse

Jeff Herman is a well-known lawyer and advocate for people who have survived rape, sexual abuse, and sexual exploitation.

Jeff Herman stands with these victims and doesn’t want anyone else have to go through the horrors that they went through. With that being the case, he gives some tips on how to talk to your kids about these things and recognize the signs of these types of abuse.

He founded Jeff Herman Law and made its watchword “VOICE FOR VICTIMS.” The first case he represented involved an autistic child of preschool age, whose parents suspected unfair play toward their child at school.

hen talking to your children about these issues, Jeff Herman Shares Tips For Parents Against Abuse, you can follow to ensure that it will stick with them.

  • Keep the conversation age appropriate. You want to make sure you’re using terms and words that can be understood.
  • Teach them how to say No! This is very important, and you want them to know that it’s okay to tell people no.
  • Make sure to give examples. Let them know that people might try to act like their friend, but they really want something else. Make sure they know it can be anyone!
  • Don’t only have the conversation once. Make sure it’s ongoing and they know they can always come to you.


It can be hard to recognize signs of abuse sometimes. There are some tips that can help you, so you can put a stop to whatever is happening.

For starters, pay close attention to any adult that seems to spend a lot of personal time with your children. You should especially watch people who act inappropriately or make jokes that aren’t appropriate for children. Click Here for more information.

In terms of signs from your children that something might be happening, there are a few that can give you a good idea that something is going on that shouldn’t be. Those are below.


  • Sudden changes in child’s behavior in terms of sexual things.
  • Your children going back to old behaviors that you thought they were over. This could include things like wetting the bed or sucking their thumb.
  • Changes in behavior, such as depression, anger, or fear.
  • Behaviors that are dangerous, such as trying to harm themselves.

People who prey on other people always try to get their victims to trust them and they might even threaten them. Parents are the first line of defense in these situations and if you see any changes, you should talk to your child!


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IDLife-The Tools for a Healthy Lifestyle

IDLife is not just another supplement regimen, but it is rather a lifestyle that is tailored t your specific needs. IDLife offers many different products that will help you to reach your weight loss goals and to live healthier.

IDLife has shakes, products to help keep you hydrated, products to keep your energized, sleep strips, and bars. There are even an entire workout line, weight management products, skincare line and products designed specifically for kids.

The problem with so many of the products that are available these days is that they are a one-size-fits-all type of product that will not give anyone the personalized nutrients that they need. IDLife has members take an assessment when they join IDLife to get them matched up to the best products available and also takes into consideration their lifestyle habits and things such as allergies.

IDNutrition offers numerous benefits such as immune health, weight management, increase energy, increases metabolism, joint health, bone health, and increase mental clarity. IDLife is backed by science and the products that they manufacture do not contain any fillers or artificial ingredients.

IDNutrition is a customizable program and has been developed over almost two decades by doctors and scientists. Logan Stout is the CEO and Chairman of IDLife, and he is the author of the book, “Stout Advice: The Secrets to building Yourself, People, and Teams. He studied Psychology and Business at the University of Dallas and founded many other successful companies as well.

He is also a motivated and passionate philanthropist, and he founded the Dallas Patriots which he is the CEO of. His organization gives kids the chance to play baseball, and some of the participants are even able to become MLB draft picks.

IDLife is designed to be taken twice daily-once in the morning and once at night so that the body has a continuous supply of minerals and nutrients. The body is also better able to receive minerals and vitamins at varying times of the day. When they are taken at certain times of the day the body can better absorb them and at optimum levels.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Believes New Retirement Has Superlative Opportunities for Creating a Well-Balanced Future

Typically, the retirement process begins with a person putting a great emphasis on finances. As retirement nears, a person may also plan to reduce their debt load, restructure certain assets, or even downsize to bring their lifestyle in line with the future. However, through all the planning, there is rarely an emphasis placed on the emotional and psychological side of retirement. It’s critical that retirement planning take those matters into consideration in order to produce a well-balanced future.

The “New Retirement” takes these matters into consideration and explores the complexities of the transition from the workplace to the freedom of retirement. Through exploring challenges such as loss of identity, workplace structure, and social advantages, there is empowerment. There is also an examination of adjusting the aspects of family and personal life, as a person adjusts to retirement.

Although retirement is seen as a life of freedom and independence, there can often be times of boredom, frustration, fatigue, depression and even a decrease in health conditions. HCR Wealth Advisors has its share of clients who have been lacking in a plan of uncertainty for non-financial matters, but stable in their financial portfolio. The registered investment advisory firm recommends a comprehensive approach towards retirement that embodies all elements and factors that are part of everyday life.

With a focus on “New Retirement,” people can make informed decisions that are not based on fear or lack of empowerment. The process is a continuum of tweaking the results desired, as life continues to unfold. According to HCR Wealth Advisors, people will spend 15 to 20 years planning retirement, but they don’t spend the quality time to deep dive into matters that affect their quality of life, far more than finances. The firm suggests having a Plan B and a level of expectations that there will always be a need to fine-tune retirement. With more than 10,000 people retiring every day, and with a life expectancy for some of 30 years beyond retirement, many people could spend more time in retirement than they have in their primary career.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HcrWealth) believes that a good comprehensive plan includes assessing transitions and changes, personal development changes, relationship matters, living conditions, and personal well-being. The “New Retirement” has the potential for being a brand-new beginning in life and starts with creating an all-inclusive plan.

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End Citizens United Plays The Long Game

The republican party has apparently been given a leg up in the outset of the 2010 Citizens United case. The case pitching conservative group Citizens United against he Federal Elections Commission concluded in a tight 5-4 ruling in Citizens United’s favor. Like Roe vs. Wade, Dred Scot vs. Sanford, or Brown vs. Board of Education the ruling could greatly impact the future. The question political parities currently argue over is whether that is a good thing.

The main problem with the Supreme Court ruling is that it opens the door for unlimited political contributions for corporations. The ruling effectively widens the coverage of free speech past the individual and onto the corporation. This means companies can allocate money to campaign finance without identifying themselves, using the contributions to swing legislation their way. Justice Stevens, who was a no vote, claimed that the ruling hinders the democracy’s ability to function. He is not alone in this sentiment.

Many politicians are standing against the ruling, most of them hailing from the left side of the political spectrum. They warn of the dangers and advocate legislation to stop the ruling in its tracks. As the Supreme Court is the highest court stateside the only way to countermand the decision is through legislation. PAC organizations support it, but one in particular is putting its money where its mouth is.

End Citizens United is funding democratic elections in hopes of stacking the deck with advocates against Citizens United. Advocates who will use their political stations to put legislation in place to amend the first amendment. It will take some doing to get the ball rolling, and even more to ratify the amendment, but on the outset it will stop Citizens United it is tracks. Simply put, the first amendment will gain specific interpretation that free speech pertains only to the individual.

End Citizens United as formed back in 2015, and is a very active PAC. Led by a solid group of veterans, each with a decade of political experience in their belts, End Citizens United uses grassroots funding to support its candidates. As most opposition comes from the left, the candidates are primarily Democrat. End Citizens United is run by president and executive director Tiffany Muller, who served as chief of staff to two congressmen. Her executive vice president is Matt Burgess, a campaign expert. The PAC raised $25 million dollars in 2016.

How Michael Hagele Became An Attorney

Over the period of his career Michael Hagele has helped counsel technology based businesses on legal matters. His wide variety of experience when it comes to commercial agreements is a helpful asset to his business, making him an idea candidate for tech companies in need of a qualified attorney.

Michael Hagele previously worked for Fenwick & West LLP in their Silicon Valley offices. As an expert in his field Michael primarily worked in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. He has experience in as in-house counsel and outside counsel and it has taught him regardless of how big and small a legal firm is, they both can deliver high quality results. Mr. Hagele knows a lot about commercial agreements, but also specializes in intellectual property purchases, drafts and reviews intellectual property rights portfolios, and much more. Learn more at about Michael.

In his career the successful attorney is also investing in early stage technology companies he believes in. This has served Michael very well and the companies have flourished under his care. Mr. Hagele has even branched outside the tech industry in the restaurant and hospitality industries, funding them and even creating his own businesses as a founder. When asked what the worst job he even had Michael Hagele said it was when he was younger in a car wash in Chicago. Winters there can be brutal and his hands were constantly numb and in pain. This job taught him to pursue a higher education so he could change his future for the better and so he did. Michael Hagele attended the University of California, Berkeley to study law. In 1997 the budding lawyer earned his J.D. degree and was ready for the world. He learned that tenacity was an important asset for him to achieve his goals in life.

Though he achieved a lot of success in his career, Mr. Hagele also had his share of failures like anyone. One in particular stood out to him. He learned the hard way that finding the right partners in business is crucial. He partnered up with a celebrity chef to open a new restaurant and it did not go well. His partner did not see him as an equal and was solely focused on profits. It unfortunately did not last. Now Michael is happy working as an attorney helping tech companies.