The Lovaganza Convoy Makes Waves

The Lovaganza show is one that is set up in a stage style and is something that travels the world in a convoy. This is something that has set them apart from other shows, but what really makes a difference is the way that they put their show on in 360 degrees. They do this so that people won’t have to miss the show. Even those who can’t make it can enjoy the show because of something special that Lovaganza does this. They want to make sure that everyone is able to experience the extravaganza of love so that they can enjoy it.

Not many stage shows are done for everyone to see, but Lovaganza is. This is one of the many ways that Lovaganza are inclusive of everyone in the shows that they do and they want to make sure that they are able to include everyone who comes to visit the show so that they will be able to see the show no matter where they are seated at. Because of this, Lovaganza choose to do the show in stadiums instead of having it travel to different theaters and auditoriums for people to see.

Along with the inclusiveness of the shows, Lovaganza also includes people who are unable to come to the shows. They want to make sure that everyone is able to see the show and, because of this, they have developed a film experience for their show. While the experience is not exactly the same as seeing a show, it gives everyone who watches it a taste of what it is like to be at one of the shows on

Everyone is included with Lovaganza. That is the purpose of the stage show and of the movies that are put out based on the way that the stage show works. It is an extravaganza of love and something that people are able to feel like they are included in. When the Lovaganza first started, they wanted to make sure that they were doing the best that they could when it came to the different options for everyone.


Malini Saba Gives Back To Women of the World

Malini Saba has stood out as one of the most interesting people in the business world. Over the years she has moved from the role of venture capitalist to another area in life where she is giving back. I can appreciate people that give back to their local communities, but Malini Saba has gone far and beyond. She has put her time into giving back to people all over the world. This is amazing. Malini Saba has become the type of person that is helping people on a global level.


At-risk women are in many different countries around the world. There are so many women that are waiting for an opportunity to get help, and Malini Saba has come to the rescue. She is proving that she can provide a lot of people with opportunities to better themselves. Her ability to maximize her returns on investments has given her the opportunity to really make a difference. Saba has given millions to charities, and she has still found some time to build up her own company. That is quite commendable. I know that there are some millionaires that are making a name for themselves by giving, but Saba has really made an effort to give on a regular basis. She has been able to build the right type of organization that has put women in a place to have a better life. The Stree Foundation can aid women in Africa, India and beyond. Her plan is to one day touches the lives of at-risk women around the world. I think that she has an amazing goal, and I don’t doubt that she will accomplish this.


More women are going to have better lives because they have access to the Stree Foundation. I don’t know Malini Saba personally, but I am sure that this has to make her feel good. She must feel like she is doing something that can make a difference in the lives of people that are benefiting from this. Her time as a business executive has not been wasted. She has proven, over the years, that she is a leader that can totally transform lives in the business world. Saba has also proven that she can change lives for women outside of her business entity.

Using the Kabbalah Transform Your Relationships

A lot of people regret their relational life. It seems that bitterness and hatred has rotted out the soul of most. Few people can report satisfaction with long term connections, and so we see an all to frequent trend of divorce and remarriage occurring among the general public. The Kabbalah Centre can be used to erase deficiencies in your personal behavior toward others.

The Kabbalah Centre was founded to bring the ancient wisdom of Jewish rabbis and make it accessible for the rest of us. Many people report that they do not have clarity about their values and priorities. They rely on their feelings to make decisions, and end up in a mud hole of despair and abandonment. The Kabbalah Centre likes to counsel people to have a clearer focus on what really matters.

Kabbalah would say that the root of most personal problems is pride. The Kabbalah master of ancient Israel was King Solomon. King Solomon once observed how pride leads to destruction. This destruction is exactly what we see occurring in the relational lives of many today. Although it may be awkward to begin an honest self examination, ask yourself, “How often do I insist on my way or the highway?” Kabbalah would say that those who narcissistically dominate will come to ruin. What do your closest family members think of you? Do they report frustration with some of the things occurring in your life?

A wise person makes a list of positives and minuses about both themselves and others. They think of the positives about others when others bother them. They think of the negatives about themselves whenever they find success. This keeps them from mounting the hill of pride, only to slide down into tragic ruin. Be honest. When you find success, do you tend to soar into a bubble of hyper active euphoria? Although this might seem fun, it can set you up for a disastrous fall if you are not careful.

The Kabbalah Centre looks forward to hearing from you and transforming your life using practical and ancient Jewish wisdom. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 1-800-KABBALAH.

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