Kate Hudson Takes on The Growing Trend of Athleisure With Fabletics

There are steps to starting a successful business. One major step is finding a growing trend. The idea is to go with the trend and even influence it. That is exactly what Kate Hudson has done with Fabletics. For one thing, she has spotted a way to bring forth the trend of athleisure. While this category of clothing has been available for a while, it was Fabletics that have brought more attention to these types of clothes. Kate Hudson has seen that there is a growing market for athleisure clothing. According to a report from NDP Group, customers in the U.S. have spent almost $45 billion on athleisure apparel.


One of the reasons that athleisure is seeing a lot of growth is that it offers a twist to what is available. These types of clothes are not just for the gym, they are also for other activities that these clothes are designed for. One clue is that these clothes have a slight difference in their designs from other brands of sportswear. On top of that, these clothes are very comfortable to wear because of the fabric used to create these items. One thing that people want is to feel good in the clothes they wear. The best part of about these items is that they are designed to bring out the best features in a person’s body.


People are very interested in fashion for what it can for their looks. Women are especially more in tune with what the right clothes can do for their physique. They pay more attention to the color and the fit. They are aware of body types and the right clothes to wear for their body type. There is no reason that this should be denied when they get to activewear. Kate Hudson grants this luxury to women who not only want to look good in athletic clothing but also want to perform their workout more efficiently. The clothing from Fabletics also enables people who are into yoga to be even more flexible with their stretches. Kate Hudson was very thoughtful and creative with the designs and made sure she has brought something that could improve people’s feelings about themselves in multiple ways.

Doe Deere: The Makeup Mogul Behind LimeCrime

When it comes to some of the leading makeup brands in the world, Lime Crime is a company that seems to make the top charts. This alternative makeup company has been setting their own trends since its inception and has created huge waves across social media platforms. With bright colors and darker hues, the brand aims to empower people to treat their body like a beautiful canvas, using Lime Crime as their paint for their art. The brand has one of the most interesting ranges of products, right from makeup staples like lipsticks and eyeshadows, to most recently, the brand’s range of hair color called ‘Unicorn Hair.’

At the center of this beautiful brand, is a businesswoman who has shown the world that passion and drive are what it takes to be successful. When Doe Deere came up with the idea of LimeCrime, little, did she know what a major international sensation it would become? Hailing from Russia, Doe Deere moved to the United States when she was just seventeen to work on her music. She has always been someone who likes expressing herself in whatever creative way she can, especially in terms of her fashion sense. She was known through the music scene as being someone with an incredible taste, creating a unique look of her own that stood out.

However, at the time, most makeup brands had standard colors which were rather ‘acceptable.’ It was rather hard for someone like Doe Deere to find the beautiful and vibrant colors that she was looking out for. Unable to come across what she was looking for, she started making her own makeup in the colors that she wanted for herself. Soon, the makeup that she was using became the talk all around, with numerous people coming up to her and asking her about it and if she could make some for them as well. She started out by then selling the makeup to friends and family, and the brand has only grown since then.

Doe Deere is not just creative in her looks, but also in the plans that she has put together for LimeCrime. The brand was actually one of the first to use social media apps like Instagram on such a large scale to promote their products. Using fashion bloggers who tried out and recommended the products, Lime Crime has grown to be the makeup giant it is today.

For more details, visit www.doedeere.com.

Brad Reifler: Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Bowdoin College graduate Brad Reifler is founder and CEO of New York City based Forefront Capital. Prior to founding the company in 2014, he was founder, chairman and CEO of the global financial services firm Pali Capital from 1995 until 2008.

Before going into independent business, he was a star trader for Refco, a company founded by his grandfather Ray E. Friedman. Brad Reifler founded his first company, Reifler Trading Company, in 1982. The company, which dealt with global derivatives execution, was bought in 2000 by Refco.

In addition to his work with Forefront Capital, Reifler is a director of several other companies. They include Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions and European American Investment Bank. He’s also a Wins Finance Holdings founding director. Reifler’s on several corporate and advisory boards, is one of the Millbrook School trustee and was formerly the finance committee chairman.

Brad Reifler also owns the magnificent Sky Blue Farm, an equestrian estate located in Millbrook, New York. The 144.9 acre farm, ensconced in the beautiful Millbrook Hunt Country, is known for its striking vistas, world-class recreational facilities and complete privacy, in a rural setting that’s breathtakingly beautiful. Learn more about Brad Reifler: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/author/bradreifler-226

Forefront Income Trust was also founded by Brad Reifler. It’s a public, non-traded, 40 account, interval fund. It’s focused on giving the average American access to investment products to which only 1% of accredited investors formerly had access.

The fund makes no money until after the investor makes an 8% interest on their money. On direct investments, the fund doesn’t begin reaping rewards until they have donated 3% to military families and veterans.

Each quarter the Forefront Income Trust fund buys back shares to give its investors partial liquidity. The investments are all specialty financed opportunities and unique asset backed loans sourced by the a wide range of business leaders that are members of the Forefront community directly and indirectly.

During his time running Pali Capital the company generated over a billion dollars in revenue. Pali Capital had offices in Austria, Latin America, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States and had over 250 employees.