Tony Petrello support for medical research

Tony Petrello is a distinguished corporate executive in the United States. He leads the biggest oil company in the country called Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello is the CEO of the company and has been holding the position since 2011. He has become popular especially in Texas not because of his wealth as a top executive but as a generous philanthropist who has given out millions in supporting the community. Tony Petrello supports various causes in Texas that are meant to alleviate the problems people are going through. His philanthropic work has seen him team up with his wife to support a noble idea of medical research at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony Petrello had always had the heart to help even before he was appointed CEO. As a beneficiary of such initiatives, while he was growing up, he has always held charitable causes close to his heart. He knows they can change a person’s life just like he did. While Tony Petrello was growing up, he was sponsored by the Yale University to get education. He was from a poor family who could not have afforded to give him the education he deserved despite being brilliant in his studies. Since then, Tony Petrello has been using part of his wealth in giving back to the community as a sign of appreciation. Tony Petrello has further gained motivation to support charitable causes through his own experiences. As of today, Petrello is a top financier of the neurological research center found at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

This is a cause he has been supporting for some time now as he tries to find a cure for a medical disorder that his daughter is suffering from. Tony Petrello has given $5 million to the medical facility to facilitate research work. Part of his donation has been used to recruit top world doctors and surgeons who are supposed to conduct research. Tony Petrello remains optimistic that this research center will develop a cure for neurological disorders in children like Carena. Before engaging the Texas Children’s Hospital to start the research Centre, he had traversed all over the world looking for a medical facility that would treat his daughter’s condition, but none was available. It is after this unsuccessful search that he finally approached the Texas Children’s hospital about starting a research Centre that would come up with a solution for neurological problems. Through the efforts of Tony Petrello, thousands of children could have their medical problems solved.

Newswatch TV: Creative Content Promoting Companies

Companies that are searching for creative content and valuable feedback to produce customer base, NewsWatch TV is the innovative company encompassed with some of the greatest talent that is out there. This company has expertise in video marketing production. Video production sounds like a simple task however, NewsWatch TV takes this section of marketing to a whole new level of results. Each video that is individually made for the clients ,are of high quality that are professional videos that give advertisement of those companies the edge needed to grow their business. Their expertise encourages challenges such as professional videos that may need excessive creative thought to execute the job at hand. Furthermore, with these exceptional videos audiences are reached worldwide by television and online distribution platforms.
This production company has various networks on hand they use to distribute their content to viewers such as, AMC Networks, Ion Network Broadcast Affiliates, Ion Network Cable Affiliates, DirecTV and Dish Network, Independent Syndicated Stations, and Social networking Websites. All of these networks, affiliates, stations, and social media outlets influence billions of households around the world. The facts about this company are just one thing that is great however, the reviews truly reveal the amazing work they provide for every client they has witnessed their magically production skills… One of their clients by the name of Tim S from Saygus says, “It’s really important to get the right message, delivered in the right way, at the right time, to the right medium, and NewsWatch was able to do that excellently…I would highly recommend NewsWatch..They connect us between what we want to say, to what our audience wants to hear, to drive sales.”
Anyone looking to promote their business should go with NewsWatch TV, they have a unique way of producing content that not only captivates but it also speaks the language of each individual customer.

Should You Seek Butt Lift Surgery in Dallas, Texas?

Your physical appearance is the best representation of your actual self as it directly reflects who you truly are. Unless you’re physically blessed with great genetics, there will definitely be some type of flaw in your appearance. In most cases, the flaw isn’t really a flaw because most people are their own worst critic. Did you know that butt lifts can drastically change your overall appearance? That’s right! A butt lift can surely give your body some better balance. Your clothing will look much more attractive because your body will have a more complete structure to support the clothing that you’ll be wearing.


The city of Dallas is just one of the nation’s cities that has a high amount of cosmetic surgeons and a high amount of surgery centers. Dallas is actually Texas’ third largest city and many of its inhabitants have improved their looks by obtaining these advanced-medical procedures. Here are some of the top cosmetic medical facilities in Dallas.


  • BodEvolve Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa
  • Mansfield Cosmetic Surgery
  • North Texas Plastic Surgery
  • Bradley Hubbard Plastic Surgery Institute
  • Khan Plastic Surgery
  • And more


There are many things that must be considered before going under the knife. First things first, you’ll definitely have to be in good standing health, you’ll need enough body fat for the transferring process, you can’t be a heavy-smoker, and you can’t be on large amounts of medication. This is only a few of the many restrictions that are in place, but once you consult with your surgeon, this professional will give you a “yay” or a “nay.” Of course, if you just so happen to get the nay, then you’ll have to rid yourself of the inhibitors. If you just so happen to get the yay, then you’ll be on a quest to receive a much better bum.


Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Have Momentum in Pennsylvania Special Election

     There’s a growing sentiment in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District that change may be coming. That change could be coming in the form of Conor Lamb, a 33-year-old former marine who is running on the progressive ticket. Conor Lamb will be competing against Rick Saccone for a seat that hasn’t gone to the Democrats since the early ’90s. In a conventional election year, Lamb would likely have no shot at scoring a seat in such a red district. However, since the election of Trump, we’ve long since left conventionality in politics.

In 2016, the election of Donald Trump to the White House rocked the world. Republicans had gained a majority at every level in Washington D.C. and many figured this would mean that a GOP-fueled agenda would be swinging through the United States. Instead, the opposite has been happening. Since Trump’s election, Democrats have flipped 34 red seats, scored a Governor seat, and even won a Senate seat in deep-red Alabama. This blue wave looks to continue on March 13th in the Special Election that we introduced you to going on in Pennsylvania.

In order for Conor Lamb to succeed in his bid against establishment Republican Rick Saccone, he is going to need to go out and get his base enthusiastic. For this to happen, End Citizens United will be counted on. End Citizens United is a PAC that has been working hard over the years to put progressive legislators into office. End Citizens United raised millions of dollars during the 2016 election in order to help support candidates that would not otherwise have been able to raise funding. End Citizens United chose to endorse Conor Lamb because Lamb has become a champion for campaign finance reform. Lamb, like many other progressives, believes that it is important to keep money out of politics and this means pushing for a constitutional amendment in Washington D.C. to overturn the 2010 Citizens United decision.

Now, special elections are notorious for having low voter turnout so no matter how this race goes, expect it to be tight. Despite the tightness of this race, there is no denying that Lamb has momentum on his side. Lamb made an appearance at the American Legion located southwest of Pittsburgh in order to host an impromptu rally. 80+ people arrived in order to cheer him on. The rally included veterans, union workers, and moderates on both sides of the aisle which showcased Lamb’s broad appeal.

Please also check “The Man Behind Citizens United Is Just Getting Started.”

Dr. Walden’s Cosmetic Surgery Patients Share Their Overall Results

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is a board certified plastic surgeon based in Austin, Texas and her practice has since grown to become a mecca for woman and men alike in hopes to achieve their aesthetic goals. Dr. Walden is skilled in various cosmetic procedures, some of which include: breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction, Juvederm, Botox, cheek implants and full body contouring after losing a massive amount of weight. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden wholeheartedly understands the woes of her female patients and provides them with the comforts and knowledge as she takes them through the steps of their procedures.

Some of her patients have offered their results and their overall experience with Dr. Walden’s practice in Austin. One of her patients decided to get consultation from Dr. Walden for breast implant surgery and trusted that her surgeon’s female perspective would provide the right choice. She happily shared that her results looked very natural, even on her small frame and she couldn’t have chosen a better surgeon. A woman flown in from New York, to undergo breast lift surgery in addition to her implants. She’s now seven months post-op and her overall look left her absolutely thrilled, she expressed that Dr. Walden did such a wonderful job.

The before and after pictures reveal how Dr. Jennifer Walden’s surgical skill makes it seem almost effortless. Her patients’ results that have undergone breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgery look one hundred percent natural and soft. A high-risk patient with type 2 diabetes underwent a breast reduction and tummy tuck surgery. She stressed that she has tried everything under the sun to get rid of her stubborn belly fat and after 14 weeks post-op she gleefully shared, “Dr. Walden did in one day what I couldn’t do after ten years at the gym.”

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Fabletics is Winning in a Competitive Market

The present trend of consumer behavior has completely taken a different turn. Consumers are relying on what majority of people will say about a product. Many good reviews suggest the product is worth buying. Social media sites and other social sites are the centers of these ongoing reviews. If one wants to buy a product he or she has never used before, the first thing is going online. These people seek reviews or ask about people’s experience with the product in question.

This new behavior should be an opportunity for marketers and publicists. They need to know that consumers do no longer just believe traditional advertisement. Reviews seem to be even more reliable because other consumers will be honest about how a product is. Positive reviews of a product are not just getting new customers but also ranking higher on search engines.

Marketers and brands need to establish a method of utilizing this knowledge. Now they know product reviews are a determinant of a brand’s popularity. Consumer behavior is important in marketing. It guides marketing practitioners on how to handle and deliver expectations to consumers. Consumer behavior also helps brands to beat the competition.

One of the people who has used the power of the crowd in her is Kate Hudson. She is an actress who tried her hand at athleisure retailing. Her brand has tremendously, and it is a $250 million company, which Kate has achieved in less than four years. Kate understood that she was getting into a market that was already crowded and competitive. Therefore, she had to get a unique strategy that would make Fabletics stand out.

The company has built a strong online presence with membership even from other countries. Fabletics is about giving fashion designs about lifestyle and preferences. Simultaneously, Kate wanted to avail the items at affordable prices. This was an opportunity for Kate to bring a high-quality taste for women. Despite the lifestyle, age or size, what women need is available. Take the lifestyle quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is best for you.

Another strategy that has made Fabletics successful is the reverse showroom strategy. It entails customers who look for their products online but go to purchase in actual stores. This approach has increased members in Fabletics and also customer loyalty. This technique made the company to integrate the website and stores seamlessly. Evidently, Kate Hudson is a keen person to her customers. She is observant and notes every important detail. It is how she has come this far.

The American Institute of Architects and Architectural Educations

     Robert A. Ivy is a talented architect who comes from Columbus in Mississippi. He was born there as well. He studied at Sewanee University in order to secure his bachelor’s degree. That paved the way for his architecture master’s degree, too. He secured the latter at Tulane University. Ivy was an employee at McGraw-Hill Construction before. He was more than just an employee, too. He also was its Editorial Director and Vice President. Ivy operated as Architectural Record’s Editor in Chief between the years of 1996 and 2010. That proved to be a wildly successful time period for him. He had a lot on his plate while working for Architectural Record. He managed and supervised all publication matters. He handled a total of 33 digital and print publications. Ivy may no longer work for McGraw-Hill Construction or Architectural Record. That doesn’t mean, however, that his career is quiet. His career is actually going stronger than ever before thanks to his latest role as the AIA’s (American Institute of Architects) Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President.

The business community has honored Ivy’s accomplishments throughout his illustrious and enviable career. The AIA head was given the G.D. Crane Award that acknowledged his achievements in the business media realm. The G.D. Crane team recognized Ivy’s strong editorial abilities. Alpha Rho Chi classified Ivy as being a master architect in 2010 as well.

Robert Ivy lives in Washington, D.C. right now. The capital city, conveniently enough, is also where the American Institute of Architects is located.

Robert Ivy is involved with a handful of distinguished architectural educational institutions at the moment. He’s part of four advisory boards that are associated with schools. These schools are Shanghai, China’s Tongji University School of Architecture and Urban Planning, the Rural Studio at Auburn University, Mississippi State University and Tulane University. His association with his alma mater makes a lot of sense.

The AIA is a praised professional group that revolves around the universe of architecture. More than 90,000 individuals are part of this organization. It was created in 1857 and hasn’t stopped for a second since then. New York, New York was its place of birth. The ambitious architects who started the group in the first place were enthusiastic about moving forward in their professions. Some of the names that were behind the AIA are Jacob Wrey Mould, Edward Gardiner, Richard M. Upjohn and Henry Dudley.

Licensed architects who love staying updated follow the American Institute of Architects carefully. The group keeps members apprised all of the time. It’s an organization that constantly promotes the strength of architecture. The team behind the AIA wants to do anything it can to spread the word about modern architecture.

Discover Your Talent With Brown Modeling Agency

Everyone has a special talent. You may take great pictures, have a wonderful voice, or know how to make everything look fashionable. If these are your talents then the Brown Modeling Agency will have the job for you!


Justin Brown, creator of the Brown Modeling Agency, got his start in modeling while he was in college. This was how he worked his way through school. After graduation, he worked for many different modeling groups to learn the tricks of the trade before creating his own modeling business. The Brown Modeling Agency can get make dreams come true.


They do work such as fashion shows, commercials, and corporate events. By searching the website, you will find times and dates for open call auditions. You will also want to look at what you need to bring to that so you have everything to make a good impression! You can also find a list of some of the bookings they will have for companies people know and love.


If you can’t make it to an in person audition at their location in Austin Texas, you can go on the website and submit some pictures for review. The Brown Modeling Agency does work all over such as New York and Miami. That gives someone many opportunities to show off their good side!


If someone is still unsure about modeling, the agency has an Instagram that shows all of the cool pictures and shows they do! You would see some kids modeling, women, men, and even a couple of pictures of dogs! They even help get names out into the world by posting pictures of their models on Twitter. That helps get the models followers on social media which helps also get them opportunities.


The Brown Modeling Agency takes care of the models by helping them get jobs and getting people to know their names. They post models pictures on social media and get models many opportunities to show off what they are capable of. They help people of all ages and have many different types of jobs for them to pick from. The Agency is excited to help new aspiring models make their dreams come true!