Capitol Anesthesiology Association: Quality Care at It’s Finest

Originating in 1973, Capitol Anesthesiology Association is considered to have grown into one of the nations largest independent practices of medical staff whose field of expertise is anesthesiology. Whether is be the doctors on staff or the registered nurse anesthetist, all are required to get certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

There are a variety of services offered through Capitol Anesthesiology Association. They provide quality care throughout hospitals and many other medical facilities throughout Austin. If you are undergoing invasive surgery you would benefit from General Anesthesia. For the younger patients, they offer Pediatric Anesthesia. The variety of anesthesia also includes Regional, Local, Obstetrics, Cardiovascular or Thoracic anesthesia. When trained medical staff who specialize in this field administer the proper anesthetic, they help to alleviate fear, anxiety, and discomfort which can often accompany a procedure.

While the focus of Capitol Anesthesia Association physicians is to provide anesthesia related services, many practitioners donate time and skill to mission groups providing medical care to areas around the globe. Austin Smiles, Family Eldercare, and Dell Children’s Surgical Global Out reach are a small sampling of the groups that receive support from Capitol Anesthesia Association physician’s and .