Morning Routine of Doe Deere

The morning routine of Doe Deere is definitely one that is interesting and worth reading about. As the CEO and Founder of the Lime Crime corporation that is reaching out as one of the best makeup brands in the world, she definitely is somebody to learn from. Her productivity and ideas have helped shape the world she lives in. She is definitely one of the best in the world today, and she continues to make big changes on her goals and on what she can accomplish. Doe Deere is ultimately the businesswoman who knows where she is headed in her life.

Her morning routine starts off with her taking in a glass of water. Getting water first thing in the day help with digestion that can help pave the way for the rest of the night. It’s incredible how doing this can change how your appetite works for the rest of the day. She also takes the time to stretch and move her body when she get out of bed because doing so can help circulate the blood. When you’re sleeping in bed all curled up under a blanket, usually the body hasn’t moved or done anything. It needed the rest. What happens when you stretch in the morning is that it can help with moving everything to get it ready for anything you do.

She takes her time to get a god breakfast with fruits and other healthy food like grits. Yogurt and freshly squeezed orange juice is another amongst her favorite things for the morning.

She finds herself eventually heading into the world of digital media when she grabs her phone and looks at the calendar to see what she is up to for the day. She tries to keep her mornings free from all social media and anything regarding her phone to help get her in the moment and away from her phone for just a little bit in the mornings, but this isn’t always possible. She jumps right on to Instagram some days and goes straight into her work calendar to keep updated.

You will also find her on the business chat that allows for people within the company to get in contact with her whens he is not in the office. This allows for her to be called and messaged in an instant. She needs updates and must know what is going on to ensure the brand is heading in the right direction. Doe Deere is very focused with her brand and she strives to make sure the company is working together for the better of the brand. She enjoys working and talking to everybody that she hires. She keeps a professional but also personal connection with everybody.

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My WEN By Chaz experiment: 7 days to shine and volume.

WEN by Chaz is versatile line of products created by celebrity stylist, Chaz Dean, see The line offers almond mint cleansers in lieu of harsh sulfates. The WEN Cleansing Conditioner claims the triple-whammy benefit of cleansing, conditioning, and styling all in one go. My fine hair craves moisture, bounce, and shine—so I tested the Fig version, which purports these benefits.

On day 1, I noticed the instructions recommended a minimum use of ten pumps of Wen hair product! I worried about that entire product bogging my hair down. But while I worked the product into my hair, it weirdly felt as if I had more hair. I also noticed less strands coming out during the rinse process.

Roots were already greasy the next morning! Ugh. Using the product that night, I again loved voluminous shine of my hair after it was blow-dried.

Hair was less oily on day 3. I spent extra time rinsing out the product in case leftover residue was causing extra oiliness. My hair lost a bit of curl this day, but was shiny and bouncy overall.

No time to shower on day 4! I styled my hair at work. After an abundance of dry shampoo and curling, my hair was still an oily mess. Couldn’t wait to use the product that night!

Day 5 was morning-to-night great hair. Only complaint: my curls went a bit flat. However, WEN made my hair super soft and manageable, so the less –than-springy curls weren’t a deal-breaker.

On day 6, I fell into my WEN routine. I even got some comments on how shiny my hair looked.

The final day I showered in the morning per usual. After my morning styling, I noticed again that my curls went flat a bit earlier than normal, but otherwise my hair looked great. Try Wen for yourself, go to your local Guthy-Renker store, or purchase online via eBay or

Colorful and Courageous Describes Lime Crime’s Philosophy

Tired of settling for bland, beige contours and snooze worthy pallets? Need a change in the colors that allow you express yourself an live your life to the fullest? Want to stop saying yes to the same old, same old when it comes to fashion and make-up?

Good, because Lime Crime is tired too.

Founded by Doe Deere, a self-starter entrepreneur, this brand’s motivation and inspiration comes from the costumers and what they want, not what big corporations or fashion empires are pushing on consumers, only thinking of the bottom line.

Doe Deere and her company are firm in their passion to only deliver products that will make heads turn and eyes boggle. They will not be fueled by the financial bottom line or what every other cosmetic company is doing, because they want to do the opposite, they want to rebel. No longer will orange lipstick or pink eye liner be looked at confused. If it is what you feel, where it!

All about creativity, Doe Deere encourages her costumers, new and old, to be bold and daring. Do no fall into the pattern of pallets that have been used for centuries. This is the time to step out and shout out who you really are and how you feel. Whether that means feeling blue hair or gold cheeks. Every women deserves her chance to be heard and to be vibrant.

Since they are not motivated by making profit, from their Facebook Lime Crime announced they are committed to be animal cruelty free. They are also a vegan company and everything they make is produced without any animal products or byproducts.

With hues that more closely resemble a colorful candy store than a stifling office space, you not only will have more fun picking out your morning make-up, but you also will get to do so knowing that you are helping keep animals out of labs.

Lime Crime is the holistic brand for vibrant make-up.  Get a feel for the colors they have available on the official Lime Crime Tumblr page, or check out what BeautyBay has for sale.