Paul Mampilly

Thousands of successful investors, philanthropist, and devoted business savvy individuals have a sturdy and rich background that provides proof of there long lasting adventures. What makes them so much better and recognized and in the good graces of the public, is that they are invested in the people. They are always looking to provide ways to better communities and educate them to become better versions of themselves. This extends to the job a philanthropist by offering large sums of money to less fortunate individuals, or an investor that helps a small business gain momentum and stand on their own. Mr. Paul Mampilly is one of these extraordinary individuals that have come from a long adventure that has led him to his current success.

Paul Mampilly graduated from Fordham University, and even before attending, he continued to display a level of perseverance and need to better himself in his own talents. After being recruited by various businesses that found use in his skills, Paul Mampilly never lost his great interest to better others. He soon went on to spread the word of ways he was able to become financially stable. He has helped various people achieve success in little time by being featured on radio, blogs, and other media. With his constant appearances, a recent video showed his current activity on a “private website”. On this video, Paul explains why he left Wall Street (which he had worked at in his earlier years). It is known that he resigned from his duties because of an overbearing demand for work, but the recent video claimed to be a shock to many as it explains where Paul went after taking a hiatus, a cumulative return of 6,22% in his personal account, and how he uses the gains to assist Americans to create comparable gains.

The examples provided enlighten others of Paul Mampilly and his success in helping individuals gain profit such as 109,115 dollars for a single recommendation. Or another person gaining 31,965 and 77,150 dollars with the proof provided in the video. The main reason why many individuals are gaining a great amount of profit is because of their investment in revolutionary device. A technological invention that is 10x smaller than a dime and more efficient than the computer, tablet, or smartphone combined.

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Louis Chenevert and United Technologies Corporation Success

Currently, the largest manufacturer of escalators and elevators globally and the leading helicopter manufacturing company in the United States, United Technologies Corporation (UTC) was not on the map of top businesses in Hartford let alone United States. However, it today ranks as the most successful business in the field of aerospace technology globally. So how did this happen? After realizing the tremendous works Louis Chenevert was doing at Pratt & Whitney (P&W), UTC decided to consider employing Louis in their firm which marked the beginning of UTC’s prosperity. In an attempt to make UTC great, Louis focused on three primary areas.



The first was acquisition of Goodrich (an aerospace company which was situated in Charlotte, North Carolina) since it had excellent and diverse technology in aerospace. Thanks to Louis Chenevert, UTC was able to acquire Goodrich at a price of $18.5 billion. The combination of the two companies enabled UTC to since as it was now able to deliver unique and trending aircraft. Combination of more combines also prevailed in the reign of Louis such as the combination of UTC and Otis which enriched the airplanes and jets being manufactured by UTC. The second step made by Louis Chenevert was introduction of new technological incorporation in the making of aircraft and jets. Particularly, Louis insisted on the employment of sophisticated technologies in manufacturing of jet engines which made UTC a global company because clients across the world preferred these types of jet engines.


The last method Chenevert endorsed that fostered the success of UT was proper management of finances and workers. Louis ensured that the engineers are paid as deserved and that no money is being used aimlessly. Championed by this fact, the company experienced a rise in their share price as it tremendously rose from AS LITTLE AS $37 to as high as $117 in only one week. Perhaps, this is because the company’s market had shifted from being regional or even national to being an international market. With these three methods utilized by Louis Chenevert during his leadership, the success of United Technologies Corporation experienced today becomes justified.

How Lime Crime Owner Doe Deere Created the Unicorn Brand

Doe Deere is a makeup guru and the founder of Lime Crime, one of the industry’s boldest cosmetics line. From how to adorn bold colors to wearing the right shed of makeup for that particular event, she implores women to be confident with their skin whether it is in the natural state or not.




Deere was born in Russia. She moved to the New York City where she grew up. Today, she is the head cheerleader of Lime Crime. In her tenure, she works with like-minded individuals to prove that her makeup line does more than concealing imperfections. She goes on to reiterate that makeup is a form of self-expression.


Her Opinion on Beauty


When working with her team, Deere is an excellent listener. She values their input into growing the brand. Apart from that, she values her clients including those who see her as a force to reckon with. In fact, while in an interview with Ideamensch, she states the value of listening as there is always more to learn. All you have to do is listen. When asked what she thinks about beauty, Doe Deere said that beauty is all about what an individual feels at that particular moment. Perhaps that is why in 2008, she established a colourful line of mild cosmetics. As a result, Lime Crime was born.


About Lime Crime


Deere started out small. Hers was a boutique firm. Pushed by her love for makeup and its unique nature, she established the brand; Lim Crime. Today, Lime Crime is prominent for having more than ten brands of a variety of makeup products. Some of these products include lipstick, nail polishes, in addition to eyeshadows. Looking back, Doe Deere is proud of her accomplishments because, at a young age, she has achieved a lot. Not only is she an inspirational figure to women but also to young emerging entrepreneurs who want to join the fashion industry.




What began as a passion for designing clothes has now become the most admired makeup brand. Coupled with her unique nature of matching colors, Doe Deere is a trendsetter in the industry of cosmetics.

Why the Waiakea Water Company is dominating the Industry

Every person can be successful in whatever industry they are as long as they have what is required in the industry. The founder of the Waiakea Company said that breaking through in the industry was not easy because old people dominate the water bottled company. Today, the firm that was founded in 2012 is the leading company in the industry. It has improved with 5000% since then, with an annual improvement of 170%. This is a very high rate of growth.

The competitors are beginning to feel the pinch of the Waiakea Company in the industry. They are not pleased with the new standards that the firm is setting. The Waiakea Water industry generosity is hard to keep up with; no firm can match it. It has been dominating the news when it comes to the sector of the humanitarian work.

To begin with, the firm has been helping in the digging of wells in Africa to help solve the water problem. They also supply Malawi with clean water every week. That is not all about its philanthropic work; the company has some of their income set aside to help other charity organizations in the society.

Also, the Waiakea has helped in the environmental issues. The water bottled company has led to the destruction of the environment with the bottles littering everywhere. The Waiakea Company has launched a water bottle that will decay in 15 years. It will also be 100% recyclable. The water bottle will help in solving the environmental challenge that the water bottle has caused.

Lastly, the pH of the Waiakea Water Company is regulated to protect the health of your body. Acidic products are unhealthy for your body, as they offset the pH of your body which should be at 7.4. Most companies have come up with ways of raising the pH of the water which may destroy your health. It is, therefore, vital to ensure you take products of companies you trust. The alkaline substances range between 7 and 14. Avoid beverages with a pH between 0 and 5.5, as they are considered very acidic.

Why It Is a Good Idea to Invest In Freedom Checks

Why It Is a Good Idea to Invest In Freedom Checks

Many people in the United States and across the globe save for their retirement by using just a portion of their paycheck. To even get an extra retirement benefit, they assume that the Social Security benefit would do the trick. These savings, however, are never enough and force many individuals to sacrifice their lifestyle. But Matt Badiali is giving people the best solution for growing their wealth. The Banyan Hill senior analyst has created an effective option for investment through his recently created Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks Create New Opportunity

Although millions of investment options that promise extraordinary returns to exist, a few are genuine. Freedom Checks, unlike other options, has proven to be one of the most successful investment programs one may consider. Through this new innovation, Badiali has helped many of his clients invest for higher returns. Investors have the opportunity to receive checks regularly from public agencies as a result of investing their capital to good use.

In order to get returns, Checks need investments which are always legitimate securities. As soon as people invest their money, they are assured of above-average returns in the subsequent years. In the case of Badiali’s partnerships, the funds are invested in paying workers, purchasing equipment, and marketing products which are related to natural resources in the United States. The profits generated from these are, in turn, passed on to the investors. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

The legality of Freedom Checks

This investment option is completely legal and relies on the United States tax codes and rules. The Statute 26-F which exempts U.S companies from paying tax if their revenues are generated from the processing, storage, production, and transportation of American based natural resources. With the statute in place, investors have the opportunity to rate of returns that are above average, and can all as well be shielded from having to pay federal taxes.

With Checks, individuals have the opportunity to take advantage of Badiali’s investment with an initial capital of as little as $10. With the expected high returns, individuals are able to grow their saving with every passing year. Visit:



Heather Russell Brings a Wealth of Experience to TransUnion Executive Team

Heather Russell has been chosen to take on the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer for TransUnion. She replaced John Blenke on June, 4th after his voluntary resignation.

Russell brings over 20 years of executive legal experience to TransUnion. She is thoroughly versed in all areas of corporate rules and regulations, security concerns, and the vast array of complexities that are a huge part of a job with such a number of critical responsibilities.

Heather Russell was previously a legal executive at the law firm of Buckey Sandler, LLC where she played a major role in providing leadership in the areas of financial regulation, security, and fintech for all of the firm’s financial organizations.

According to Wikipedia, Russell’s previous executive experience includes (but is not limited to), the position of Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary at Fifth Third Bank. Russell has also held several high-level positions at a variety of corporate firms. Heather Russell also has a top-notch education earning a JD (with honors) from American University Washington College of Law, and Russell has earned a BA from the College of William and Mary.

Heather Russell is filling a critical role at TransUnion. Information has never been a more valuable commodity than it is today. The importance of properly regulating, managing, and securing data literally can have repercussions on a global scale that can adversely affect the financial operations of governments around the globe. It is of vital importance that top executives with the expertise of Heather Russell are needed like never before, to help create critical data solutions for companies such as TransUnion that are an important part of life in the digital age.

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How Michael Hagele Became An Attorney

Over the period of his career Michael Hagele has helped counsel technology based businesses on legal matters. His wide variety of experience when it comes to commercial agreements is a helpful asset to his business, making him an idea candidate for tech companies in need of a qualified attorney.

Michael Hagele previously worked for Fenwick & West LLP in their Silicon Valley offices. As an expert in his field Michael primarily worked in the Licensing and Online Commerce Group. He has experience in as in-house counsel and outside counsel and it has taught him regardless of how big and small a legal firm is, they both can deliver high quality results. Mr. Hagele knows a lot about commercial agreements, but also specializes in intellectual property purchases, drafts and reviews intellectual property rights portfolios, and much more. Learn more at about Michael.

In his career the successful attorney is also investing in early stage technology companies he believes in. This has served Michael very well and the companies have flourished under his care. Mr. Hagele has even branched outside the tech industry in the restaurant and hospitality industries, funding them and even creating his own businesses as a founder. When asked what the worst job he even had Michael Hagele said it was when he was younger in a car wash in Chicago. Winters there can be brutal and his hands were constantly numb and in pain. This job taught him to pursue a higher education so he could change his future for the better and so he did. Michael Hagele attended the University of California, Berkeley to study law. In 1997 the budding lawyer earned his J.D. degree and was ready for the world. He learned that tenacity was an important asset for him to achieve his goals in life.

Though he achieved a lot of success in his career, Mr. Hagele also had his share of failures like anyone. One in particular stood out to him. He learned the hard way that finding the right partners in business is crucial. He partnered up with a celebrity chef to open a new restaurant and it did not go well. His partner did not see him as an equal and was solely focused on profits. It unfortunately did not last. Now Michael is happy working as an attorney helping tech companies.



Why Freedom Checks are making Headlines

When Americans are offered an investment opportunity, they will rush and try their luck. The media is always given the first opportunity when any institution wants to make an ad concerning an investment opportunity. In the recent months, American investors have been treated to a rare ad that shows Matt Badiali holding a magnificent check that is worth millions of money. The ad has done its role in the hearts of the investors. Most of them want to know more about this investment opportunity and the kind of impact it is going to have in the hearts of the Americans. In the recent times, people have been struggling to make money. The modern global market has become highly competitive, and there are so many issues to deal with just to end up with a little profit. Read more at Release Fact.

The new ad Showing Matt Badiali holding his check has been discussed in so many areas. The businessman is promoting investing in Freedom Checks. Freedom checks are considered to be among the most popular investment opportunities in the modern market at the moment. According to Matt Badiali, this form of investment is just perfect for the individuals who have been disappointed in the past. The finance executive shows off the amount of money he has been offered because of an investment he had made in freedom checks. There are many people who have been left with many questions than answers.

First of all, the market has been flooded by so many scammers who want to steal money and leave the people broke. Many investors have been losing their money to the traps laid by these scammers in the recent times. If you want to be safe, however, you have to consider getting help from reliable sources such as Matt Badiali. This American investor has promised all investors great profits, and the chances of getting losses with such an investment have also been said to be low.

Freedom checks have been introduced by Matt Badiali to the market. Because the businessman is among the most reputable finance executives living in the country, he has been winning hearts with the kind of knowledge he has been sharing with customers. Badiali works with a company called Banyan Hill, and he is a finance executive who has so much knowledge in natural resources. People who have sought his advice have never gone wrong with their investments. Despite the hardships on the way, the company has impressed its customers because of the editors it has hired. Visit:


How Hussain Sajwani, The DAMAC Owner Has Boosted The Real Estate Market In Dubai

Hussain Sajwani graced the Forbes 2018 listings as the fourth wealthiest Arab in the world with a net worth of $4 Billion. The tycoon who started out as a contracts manager in a national oil company takes delight in rebuilding the Dubai property market. He started DAMAC Properties in 2002 and had since taken over the real estate industry. The company that delivers luxurious homes for both residential and lucrative purposes almost crashed in 2008.


His background has massively contributed to his success in the real estate affairs. Hussain Sajwani says, as a young boy he would help his father in his shop and it’s in this time that he learned how to adapt to the rapidly changing market quickly. Immediately after university, he ventured into the catering business and started Global Logistics Services. In the mid-90s he pioneered his first property development project after seeing that people who came to the Emirates to trade didn’t have any dwelling places.


In between 2002 and 2005, DAMAC Properties blossomed taking over the whole industry in the Middle East. It started developments in various states like Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia without getting any help from investors all thanks to the revenue he had amassed from his side hustles and profitable investments in the stock market. In 2008, the real estate market worldwide became insolvent and DAMAC Properties almost collapsed. The DAMAC owner opens up to the Arabian Business Profile saying that it’s the kind of decisions he made within those six months of strain that kept the company afloat.


In 2013, DAMAC Properties under the administration of Hussain Sajwani made its comeback when it became the only company from the Middle East to be listed in the London Stock Exchange. From that time, It has boosted Dubai’s cosmopolitan account with the development of DAMAC Hills and Akoya Oxygen, two large gated communities. The properties company is now working on Sultan Qaboos Waterfront and a high-end resort in the Maldives. Despite mixed reactions over his choice to keep working with Trump, the DAMAC owner is still willing to venture into projects outside the Middle East and is specifically interested in opportunities in Europe.

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Avery Ranch Golf Club-Austin’s Premiere Destination Wedding Venue

Austin is the lively Capitol of Texas known for its live-music venues centered around Rock, Country, and the Blues. A fantastic nightlife along with numerous attractions for all ages makes this city an ideal location for your destination wedding. Filled with beautiful parks and lakes there is one wedding venue there that has it all, Avery Ranch Golf in Austin, Texas.


A true destination wedding can be affordable while presenting guests the feeling of lush opulence and excitement. With rolling hills, phenomenal sunsets, and just minutes from downtown Austin, Avery Ranch Golf Club fulfills not just the basic wedding event needs but also the visual aspect every couple looks forward to. Offering various wedding packages highlighting the venues capability to accommodate numerous weddings with multiple sites on the property, Avery Ranch Golf provides picturesque scenery, bountiful banquets, a bridal suite and more. Out of town wedding couples requiring assistance with their cake, flowers or music can depend upon Avery Ranch to assist where ever possible ensuring local Texas essence and hospitality is always available.


As a destination wedding the bridal party, their guests, and families will delight in all that Austin has to offer. Numerous activities are available, including museums, walking and biking tours, historic sites and even theme tours with Segways and motorbikes; a little something for everyone. Meanwhile, if golf is your game, Avery Ranch Golf Club can help the wedding couple and their guest to unwind with a round of golf. The wedding planner and couple can visit Avery Ranch together, tour the grounds and finalize the wedding plans and meet at the on-site Sunset Grill to relax and finish out the day.


Not every couple lives out of town when hosting a destination wedding. Austin locals will enjoy the ease of searching golf course wedding venues near me for the ideal wedding location as Avery Ranch Golf is capable of fulfilling their needs. By choosing home as the destination wedding location, their familiarity with Austin and all that it offers affords them the capability to suggest ideal activities for out of town guests.


Located just minutes from downtown Austin, Avery Ranch is a destination wedding venue that continues to captivate wedding couples and their guests. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor wedding, intimate, relaxed or formal, the Avery Ranch offers expert planning assistance easing the minds of couples. Overlooking the infinity pool or next to Brushy Creek, your destination wedding at Avery Ranch is sure to be an event to remember.