Alex Pall Discovering Music

Music has changed a lot over time. A lot of the music today doesn’t show how people feel. The music shows the feelings and emotions of someone other than the one that is writing the music. There are musicians that are committed to making sure that they are expressing themselves through the music that they create for their fans to listen to over time. One person that is committed to staying true to himself is Alex Pall. Alex Pall is a member of the group the Chainsmokers. The group consisted of him and his counterpart Andrew Taggart. They are both DJs. The group is known for their DJ skills. They have been able to draw an audience because of the music that they create.

Before the Chainsmokers took off Alex Pall was a member of the Chainsmokers, but Andrew Taggart had not yet joined the group. Andrew Taggart joined later, and they immediately connected and started making music. Although the group consists of individuals, Alex Pall has made sure that they both have a part in the creation of their music. Instead of having a lot of people be a part of their music creation process Pall decided that they would put their head together to make the music that they loved. They were not worried about fitting in they wanted to make relatable music for their listeners to have access to.

Alex Pall has created a career by expressing his passion through his music. Although he did not plan on being a DJ full-time, he has embraced the creative outlet that DJing has created for him. Before dedicating his career to be a DJ, he was a DJ only for a side gig. He needed extra money so made DJing into one of his hobbies and did what he loved in his spare time. DJ turned into his career because he could not escape the love that he had for DJing. He had to embrace his passion because it had already begun to take over his life before he decided that would be his full-time career in life.