Tony Petrello support for medical research

Tony Petrello is a distinguished corporate executive in the United States. He leads the biggest oil company in the country called Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello is the CEO of the company and has been holding the position since 2011. He has become popular especially in Texas not because of his wealth as a top executive but as a generous philanthropist who has given out millions in supporting the community. Tony Petrello supports various causes in Texas that are meant to alleviate the problems people are going through. His philanthropic work has seen him team up with his wife to support a noble idea of medical research at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Tony Petrello had always had the heart to help even before he was appointed CEO. As a beneficiary of such initiatives, while he was growing up, he has always held charitable causes close to his heart. He knows they can change a person’s life just like he did. While Tony Petrello was growing up, he was sponsored by the Yale University to get education. He was from a poor family who could not have afforded to give him the education he deserved despite being brilliant in his studies. Since then, Tony Petrello has been using part of his wealth in giving back to the community as a sign of appreciation. Tony Petrello has further gained motivation to support charitable causes through his own experiences. As of today, Petrello is a top financier of the neurological research center found at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

This is a cause he has been supporting for some time now as he tries to find a cure for a medical disorder that his daughter is suffering from. Tony Petrello has given $5 million to the medical facility to facilitate research work. Part of his donation has been used to recruit top world doctors and surgeons who are supposed to conduct research. Tony Petrello remains optimistic that this research center will develop a cure for neurological disorders in children like Carena. Before engaging the Texas Children’s Hospital to start the research Centre, he had traversed all over the world looking for a medical facility that would treat his daughter’s condition, but none was available. It is after this unsuccessful search that he finally approached the Texas Children’s hospital about starting a research Centre that would come up with a solution for neurological problems. Through the efforts of Tony Petrello, thousands of children could have their medical problems solved.

The Oxford Club Explains “Retirement Rebalancing”

In this online article, Alexander Green the Chief Investment Strategist for the Oxford Club explains the concept of “retirement rebalancing.”

Retirement rebalancing is vital for every investor who is no longer in the workforce. If you’re in the stage of life of living on wealth instead of building it, you need to understand this concept.

That’s because, on average, people are living longer than ever. You will likely need to use your portfolio to bolster your lifestyle for two to three decades. Depending on how medical science advances in the years to come, you might live far longer than you now believe.

That increases the risk that your portfolio will face in the financial markets. There’ll certainly be a bear market (or two or three) in the next few decades. If you sell stocks when their prices are low, that will weaken your portfolio even after the market again turns up. Inflation could certainly go up again in the future.

People often ask Green how much money they should keep in stocks. In the article, he explains the need to keep enough money in low-risk bonds or cash to meet your living expenses during bear markets. Keep the remainder of your capital in the stock market to take advantage of price rises caused by bull markets.

During bear markets, you live on cash. During bull markets, you live on stocks.

The Oxford Club is an international network of investors and entrepreneurs who seek to build and protect their wealth using the best available financial strategies and information available.

Based in Baltimore Maryland, The Oxford Club has over 80,000 members. Investment U is the teaching branch of the Oxford Club, one of the first financial education websites online. Investment U offers everyone a free daily email service, Investment U Daily. Membership gives access to a tremendous number of courses, books, videos, conferences and other educational opportunities. Their goal is to help members create freedom through extraordinary wealth creation. Investment U Daily also has a premium version, Investment U Plus, which gives stock tips you can use immediately to make money with.

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Marc Sparks and His Zest for Entrepreneurial Quests and Life

Marc Sparks is passionate about building businesses, and has been that way for quite some time. Raised in the Austin, Texas area, Marc has been active in entrepreneurial pursuits since graduating high school in 1975. He is was a self-proclaimed average student, but this did nothing to effect the fervor with which he approached his various business pursuits. Marc is driven actively by his deep rooted faith and passion for the greatest products and the greatest people. Currently Dallas based, Marc is one of the most active and successful ‘serial-entrepreneurs‘ and venture capitalists in the region.


Marc Sparks is unique in his analysis of ideas that are commonly rejected by others; he sees potential in things from such a dynamic angle that he is able to rouse out the greatness in so many things. His approach to the business building is not just about the bottom line as he focuses on culture in the company as much as he focuses on the actual business model itself. He is known for his available presence and availability for his employees as well as his tenacity. Although Marc does possess an unrelenting desire to always win, he understands that losing is part of life and that as long as he can learn something from all that he does than he is constantly progressing. Learn more:

Outside of the business world Marc is an active philanthropist and known most for his work with the homeless shelter Samaritan Inn in his home state of Texas. Marc considers the importance of helping those who want to help themselves as a big part of his life and he works diligently to help where and when he can. As a hobbyist Marc enjoys hunting, fishing, golf, working out and pretty much anything that takes him outside. Tying back his deep passion for entrepreneurial pursuits and venture capitalism, Marc feels that the outdoors work to inspire him in ways that other parts of life simply can not reach. Learn more:


The Success Journey of Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur in the real estate industry. He ranks at the top amongst mortgage originators and has also worked in other industries like banking and entertainment. Lubar who is the president of TDL Global Ventures is very passionate about serving the community.

In an interview on Hackronym, Lubar reveals that the idea to venture into real estate came as a result of his desire to help people fulfil their dreams; he therefore came up with ways of eliminating barriers to accessing loans and came up with the product ‘relief’. According to him, his past experience in real estate and will to succeed led him to venture in TDL. If there is one thing he could do different, it would be changing the people that surround him because they influence his behaviour and promotion of a culture of trust in his business. If there is one thing that Todd Lubar does every day it is working hard.

He works until he cannot work anymore and still continues to work. What keeps him going is the constant reminder of his goals. The main strategy that Todd Lubar employs in his business is building a culture of trust in his organization; this is his key ingredient to success. He has developed all his software because he believes that it is important for the systems put in place in the industry to be a representation of the work ideologies of the owner. His advice to real estate entrepreneurs is that the house finding space is not yet dominated and that there is an opportunity to dominate the industry. Lubar recommends the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz to the community.

Todd Lubar graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Speech communication from Syracuse University. He has a successful career journey and besides being the president of TDL GLOBAL, he is also the Sr.VP at Legendary Investments. Labar has worked at Maryland Legacy Financial Office where has a good reputation of helping the company grow. Labar’s success is certainly a work in progress, his current achievement is a result of his past experience.

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Todd Lubar and the Reason Behind his Success in the Industry

According to his crunchbase, Todd Lubar is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures LLC and is also the Senior VP of Legendary Investments. He is well educated and went to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC and then completed his high school at The Peddie School located in Hightstown NJ. He then attended Syracuse University and graduated in the year 1995. After graduating, he landed his first job with the Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he was until the year 1999. Then, he joined the Legacy Financial group located in Arlington Texas and was one of the main reasons behind their expansion to Maryland where he helped set up the production unit of more than 700 million dollars a year in the loan. He left the job to explore other opportunities and joined the Charter Funding as the Senior Vice President that is based out of Arizona. He was with the company till 2007 and went on to join Priority Financial services. While his love was for the mortgage banking industry, he held a position in a number of other companies such as the recycling industry, the nightclub industry and also the demolition industry. For more info about him visit his aboutme page.

Todd Lubar has been named as one of the mortgage originators in the country for many years in a row. Working in different industries throughout his career, it has helped him to get experience on how to run a business and ways to excel in any environment. With more than 7000 transactions to his name, he has become one of the top mortgage lenders in the country. He was never afraid to take risks, and this is the reason why he had been so successful. People come to him for advice and being in the industry for so long; it has helped him build a good network of references that allows him to provide the best service to his clients. He believes in adding value to anyone who comes to him and has never disappointed his clients.

For him, the learning process never stops, and till now, he is willing to learn and explore many different areas of investments that he thinks can help him yield profits. This is the reason why he has been successful in every business that he has been involved with. Currently, he resides in Bethesda Maryland where he lives with two beautiful and young kids. He enjoys spending time with the kids and travel whenever he gets a chance.

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Evolution Of Smooth Has Had Remarkable Success In A Few Short Years

The lip balm market up until recently had been dominated by Chapstick for over a century. In the last couple of years, a new company burst onto the scene and managed to overtake Chapstick in overall sales, reports Fast Company. Evolution Of Smooth is a unique lip balm that had creative packaging as well as fun and different flavors. When celebrities began using the EOS lip balm, their fans had to have it too.

Evolution Of Smooth broke away from the traditional lip balm packaging and went with something more interesting and fun. They have round containers with a flip top lid which prevent people from losing their caps. Evolution Of Smooth comes in many great flavors that people love. Flavors such as summer fruit, passion fruit, and strawberry sorbet is unique and tasty. It is a big step away from traditional flavors such as cherry and menthol. Once EOS arrived on the market, celebrities began to use the product and carry it with them in public. Once fans saw that they were using EOS their fans had to have it too.

Currently, Evolution Of Smooth holds the number two position in the lip balm industry only to be surpassed by Burt’s Bees. They have managed to obtain $250 million in sales and area projected to see numbers around $1 billion by the year 2020.

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Jason Hope Uses His Knowledge To Move Technology In The Business World

Jason Hope is a tech genius and business guru who is very educated and has great insight. He has been working in the technology and healthcare industries for years as a consultant. His knowledge is very useful for many organizations because Hope has a proven track record with predicting the future of technology.

Jason Hope is the kind of visionary that is able to provide businesses with the information they need to develop high-end technological business solutions. His past education from the W. P. Carey School of Business and has put it to good use. He helps many enterprises to maximize their technology systems.

Hope is especially fond of the internet of things. This particular type of technology is crucial to the development of the future of business and society. Hope makes it a point to keep his focus on the here and now and the future. He realizes that the future holds a lot of great opportunities and businesses must be ready to take advantage of them.

The businesses that employ Hopes really understands his knowledge and keen insight into the world of technology. They know that this man is a modern day genius who knows how to provide realistic technology solutions that will benefit companies, their profits and more importantly the people they serve. Hope is an inspiration to people everywhere.

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Levenson Leads Lawsuit Against New Hampshire Insurance Company

Following the resolution of a lawsuit involving Danny Ferry, Bruce Levenson and the rest of the former Atlanta Hawks ownership expected their insurance company to cover the associated costs. To their surprise though, New Hampshire Insurance Company, otherwise known as AIG, actually refused to honor the terms of their agreement as previously laid out. As a result, Levenson has filed a lawsuit against the company, seeking the money that he believes was previously owed to them.

The lawsuit was filed several months ago following a dispute between the former Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC and the previously mentioned New Hampshire Insurance Company.  According to ESPN, in terms of the specifics behind the dispute though, it is known that Levenson’s agreement with the insurance company was supposed to cover damages related to wrongful termination claims and workplace torts.

In the case of Ferry’s termination, it would appear that the damages associated with his claims would fall under the contract as established by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, but as of now it is left to the courts to decide. When asked for a comment, the current Hawks ownership declined to delve into the court case, as they are not actually involved in it. Unfortunately, New Hampshire Insurance Company has not returned any requests for comments at this Time, and is apparently trying to privately resolve the matter rather than go public with any information.

For what it’s worth, it appears that the case is fairly direct. Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC had a clearly defined contract with their insurance company, and now that a policy has been triggered, the insurance company is trying anything they can to avoid paying the bill.


Desiree Perez of Music Streaming Service Tidal

A lot of money is made with businesses like music streaming services. Tidal is one of them; however, it is underrated for no reason. The company’s executive Desiree Perez is working to change that. Her plan is to make sure that Tidal stays around for a long time. Jay-Z founded the company in 2014, and since then a few executives stepped down due to too many challenges. Jay-Z did not give up hope despite a decline in membership and executives stepping down from their roles. Nowadays, he has come out of the survival mode and wants to see his company thriving. For this purpose, Desiree Perez is taking care of the business. Her priority is to get the customers interested, so new memberships are added.

Desiree Perez is very good with numbers, and that is why she is working on Tidal’s multi-million dollar contracts. She has developed excellent contracts for Roc Nation before. It is said that Jay-Z might not know many tricks about businesses; however, he surely knows to get the right people in place. His entire career developed that way. Desiree Perez is the same person that helped him during the transition from rap music to music streaming. It was not something that many people can do, but Desiree Perez successfully did it. Desiree Perez is a successful businesswoman. She is an expert of finalizing deals that would bring good profit to Tidal and artists. It is due to her involvement that people have started to sign up for Tidal. Behind the scenes, she is the person who is getting really good deals. She has the right mindset to grow the business.

Tidal already got album exclusives from co-owners like Kanye West, T.I., Beyoncé, and Rihanna. The popularity of Tidal app is increasing. Over one million people signed up as trial users after the release of The Life of Pablo. Perez is married to the head of Roc Nation Sports. She is known for her accounting abilities and negotiating skills. She was behind Rihanna’s deal with Samsung and Beyoncé successful Formation Stadium tour. It is said that Perez is a member of Hova Circle which is behind Roc Nation and Tidal. Due to her, the Tidal app is making its path through the music streaming industry despite tough competition.

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