Fabletics is Winning in a Competitive Market

The present trend of consumer behavior has completely taken a different turn. Consumers are relying on what majority of people will say about a product. Many good reviews suggest the product is worth buying. Social media sites and other social sites are the centers of these ongoing reviews. If one wants to buy a product he or she has never used before, the first thing is going online. These people seek reviews or ask about people’s experience with the product in question.

This new behavior should be an opportunity for marketers and publicists. They need to know that consumers do no longer just believe traditional advertisement. Reviews seem to be even more reliable because other consumers will be honest about how a product is. Positive reviews of a product are not just getting new customers but also ranking higher on search engines.

Marketers and brands need to establish a method of utilizing this knowledge. Now they know product reviews are a determinant of a brand’s popularity. Consumer behavior is important in marketing. It guides marketing practitioners on how to handle and deliver expectations to consumers. Consumer behavior also helps brands to beat the competition.

One of the people who has used the power of the crowd in her is Kate Hudson. She is an actress who tried her hand at athleisure retailing. Her brand has tremendously, and it is a $250 million company, which Kate has achieved in less than four years. Kate understood that she was getting into a market that was already crowded and competitive. Therefore, she had to get a unique strategy that would make Fabletics stand out.

The company has built a strong online presence with membership even from other countries. Fabletics is about giving fashion designs about lifestyle and preferences. Simultaneously, Kate wanted to avail the items at affordable prices. This was an opportunity for Kate to bring a high-quality taste for women. Despite the lifestyle, age or size, what women need is available. Take the lifestyle quiz to find out which Fabletics gear is best for you.

Another strategy that has made Fabletics successful is the reverse showroom strategy. It entails customers who look for their products online but go to purchase in actual stores. This approach has increased members in Fabletics and also customer loyalty. This technique made the company to integrate the website and stores seamlessly. Evidently, Kate Hudson is a keen person to her customers. She is observant and notes every important detail. It is how she has come this far.

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Fabletics Brings High Fashion and Convenience to Customers

Fabletics is taking advantage of the growing online market. One of the ways that it is achieving this is by paying attention to the desires of the market. Fashion is a common desire. Health is another desire as well. People are also looking for convenience. For this reason, they are doing some of their shopping online. As a matter of fact, more customers are taking their business online for many reasons which is causing many established retailers to adapt to the new market by changing their business structure. Fabletics owner Kate Hudson has made the right choice in focusing all of her attention on online business models. This has made it easier to come up with online solutions.


One of the biggest advantages of the internet is that people have greater access to the world of fashion. Given that the internet has the ability to introduce people to online retailers and other stores they haven’t heard of depending on their area, people can find styles and products that they would’ve never known existed. Kate Hudson wants people to be able to access these items from everywhere. Therefore, Kate and her business partners have come up with a marketing strategy that is effective at making people aware of the brand.


The selling point of Fabletics is not that it sells high fashion clothing. It is that it offers something unique in a category of clothing that is not known for being unique. This category is active wear. Kate has seen a certain subcategory of active wear called ‘athleisure’. She has decided that she wants to bring that type of product to customers at a lower price than the other stores that are offering this product. With athleisure, people have clothing that is uniquely designed so that it can be worn for more than just physical activity.


Kate Hudson’s purpose behind Fabletics is to send a message of health as well as fashion. She wants to show people that they are more connected than ever. She is also willing to encourage people to dress in stylish clothes even if they are not at their ideal body shape. Also, in order for Fabletics to be successful, the company has to pay attention to the customers. One of the best ways to do this is by getting in touch with the crowd and having them express their opinions on what they want from the company.

Kate Hudson Takes on The Growing Trend of Athleisure With Fabletics

There are steps to starting a successful business. One major step is finding a growing trend. The idea is to go with the trend and even influence it. That is exactly what Kate Hudson has done with Fabletics. For one thing, she has spotted a way to bring forth the trend of athleisure. While this category of clothing has been available for a while, it was Fabletics that have brought more attention to these types of clothes. Kate Hudson has seen that there is a growing market for athleisure clothing. According to a report from NDP Group, customers in the U.S. have spent almost $45 billion on athleisure apparel.


One of the reasons that athleisure is seeing a lot of growth is that it offers a twist to what is available. These types of clothes are not just for the gym, they are also for other activities that these clothes are designed for. One clue is that these clothes have a slight difference in their designs from other brands of sportswear. On top of that, these clothes are very comfortable to wear because of the fabric used to create these items. One thing that people want is to feel good in the clothes they wear. The best part of about these items is that they are designed to bring out the best features in a person’s body.


People are very interested in fashion for what it can for their looks. Women are especially more in tune with what the right clothes can do for their physique. They pay more attention to the color and the fit. They are aware of body types and the right clothes to wear for their body type. There is no reason that this should be denied when they get to activewear. Kate Hudson grants this luxury to women who not only want to look good in athletic clothing but also want to perform their workout more efficiently. The clothing from Fabletics also enables people who are into yoga to be even more flexible with their stretches. Kate Hudson was very thoughtful and creative with the designs and made sure she has brought something that could improve people’s feelings about themselves in multiple ways.