Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Changes Makeup Forever

When Doe Deere first moved to New York City at the age of seventeen, she had dreams of a musical career. Deere relocated from Russia, where she was born and raised. Spending well over a decade in New York City, it was during her time there in 2008 that applied her creativity to a business venture that would change her life forever. Deere started the popular makeup company Lime Crime.

In less than a decade, Lime Crime has become a popular makeup brand among Millennials and no other makeup brand is quite as unique. Deere learned a lot from being a musician about how to run a business. From marketing to how to harness creativity, Deere used these skills to build the success of Lime Crime. It was also during her time as a musician that she met her husband and Lime Crime partner.

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Deere spent her time living Brooklyn and Manhattan as a New York resident, but today she currently resides in L.A. The California city is also the location of Deere’s successful makeup company.

Deere’s advice to young ambitious women is to follow their hearts. She believes in all individuals creative abilities, and supports the idea that we all have our own unique talents to share with the world. Deere advises that people simply go to the place that they love and explore.

Deere does not credit her success solely on her passion. She realizes that Lime Crime is a joint-interest. Deere started the company because the bright and bold cosmetic colors she was interested in did not exist. She’d also felt pulled toward unusual colors, and was somewhat surprised when it turned out that she wasn’t the only one craving different colors in the makeup market. Lime Crime has developed a devout following. Deere delivered her vision and consumers have supported the makeup company, leading to its vast success.

As the result of one woman’s brilliant vision, Lime Crime has grown to become one of the most powerful makeup lines to-date. The line empowers wearers to live out-loud and to express their individuality. The lip colors Lime Crime makes have become quite popular among consumers. Fans can be seen on popular social media platforms rocking their own take how to wear Lime Crime. The company also has an awesome blog where they share styles and tip from celebrity makeup artists.