Services Offered by Southridge Capital

Southridge capital is a financial company based in is the United States. The company provides brokerage of securities and banking services. Additionally, the company offers financial advisory services to public companies. The company started in 1996. The primary aim of this company is to solve financial client’s issues innovatively. Its executive team comprises of five people whereby Stephen Hicks is the CEO and the founder. The most obvious strength of this company is that its executive team has intuitive experience and knowledge about the market. Indeed, the company has invested in approximately 250 public corporations. Therefore, the company is fully aware of the challenges in the marketplace. In spite of offering financial services, the company also supports charitable organizations. You can visit to see more.


Southridge Capital provides a wide range of advisory services that meet customers need. First, the company offers financial Analysis services whereby it formulates comprehensive financial statements. Apart from designing financial statements, the company also optimizes company’s Balance Sheets hence aiding companies to sustain the desired balance and adopt mechanisms which yield best results. The company also assists companies to know which procedures to follow during merging and acquisitions.

Under restructuring Analysis services, Southridge Capital advises the companies to opt actions that will yield the best restructuring outcomes. Moreover, the company guides and advises on bankruptcy, therefore, helping the company to go back to its original position. Concerning legal settlement services, Southridge capital focuses on defining clearly the legal requirements hence minimizing expenses incurred as well as time spent by clients.

Structured finance services offered at Southridge capital comprise of Securities brokerage, Financing Resolutions, and Credit improvement. The company also gives Common and convertible preferred stock and debentures to the clients. Regarding philanthropy activities, Southbridge sponsors charitable organizations, for instance, Daystar Foundation started by Stephen Hicks’ wife. In a nutshell, Southridge capital services focus on benefiting the society at large.

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Ryan Seacrest – The Man That Does It All

Ryan’s Back Story

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Ryan Seacrest always new he wanted to have a career in entertainment. Some of his influences are Casey Kasem and Dick Clark. Ryan’s first career moment was as an intern at radio station in Atlanta. He continued on at the radio station after his internship to become a radio host during his college years.

In California, Ryan had a great run with on air radio shows. So great that he eventually took over as host of the on air show, American Top 40. Although radio is his first love, he eventually moved on to television. Ryan Seacrest’s stardom boosted after being discovered to host the American Idol Show in 2002.

After being noticed for his style on American Idol, he was wooed to host other shows and events. He was a news anchor for the network E!, appeared on the Today Show, and hosts The Million Second Quiz Show. He also took over as host of the annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’. Just recently Ryan was signed and named as co-host to Kelly Ripa on the daytime show Kelly & Ryan. He is a renown producer of such hits as, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Giuliana and Bill, and many others. Ryan won an Emmy Award for his excellent producing skills during 2010-2011.

Ryan Seacrest’s Additional Pursuits and Charitable Foundation

In 2012, Seacrest partnered with Mark Cuban to create a triple threat of entertainment companies. He is co-creator with Cuban of Ryan Seacrest Media, Creative Artists Agency and AEG respectively. Ryan Seacrest Media has created a new TV channel, AXS TV for pop culture enthusiasts.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is a non-profit organization that inspires the youth through a fusion of entertainment and education programs. One major project is to have broadcast media centers, called Seacrest Studios, within pediatric hospitals. This project will give patients the opportunity to delve into their creative sides through multiple forms of media. Ryan hopes that this will be a good influence on patients and their families as they recover from their illness.

Ryan also believes in community service. He has created other programs through Ryan Seacrest Foundation to aid in giving students opportunities in educating them on careers in multimedia. The program allows students to explores subjects ranging from journalism to broadcasting. In addition to exposure, students will get a real experience in all theses areas to see what it really takes to make it in the entertainment industry.

Here’s What The Oxford Club Does

Too many people haven’t informed themselves of the ins and outs of investing, which is unarguably doing themselves a major disservice. Virtually every wealthy person accumulated such wealth through investing money or inheriting assets – those people lucky enough to inherit money and other assets likely received money that had been invested for many years.


Unfortunately, tons of financial news sources and opinions containing advice are typically difficult to understand. Even though financial services professionals know that making sense of financial markets is difficult, the Internet and print media isn’t populated with enough articles that are easy to understand – many investors don’t even bother reading them, unless they’re seasoned participants in the world of finance.


The Oxford Club has tried its hardest to help unexperienced, novice, intermediate, and even expert investors make sense of the world of finance. Thanks to to its performance under the leadership of chief executive officer Julia Guth, The Oxford Club and its leaders have done a great job at achieving that goal.


Mr. William Bonner, arguably best known today for creating The Agora Companies – the global conglomerate is worth more than one billion United States Dollars – wanted to make sure the world had a well-connected, closely-strung network of investors, yet another goal the organization has fallen nothing short of achieving.


Rather than focusing on a certain kind of investment or class of investor like most other sources providing financial advice do, The Oxford Club puts out tens of newsletters, publications, and services that can help its diverse base of members.


Arguably the most attractive part of The Oxford Club is the fact that its publications are easy to understand, rather than tons of other news media related to financial services and financial instruments.


Investment U is the most popular branch of The Oxford Club.