Sage Advice

Pediatrics is a difficult specialization to get involved in, especially if you are an immigrant from an ethnic group that is not looked highly upon in the United States. Dr. Saad Saad is a native of Egypt and obtained his medical license from the University of Cairo several decades ago. He moved to the United States, not only to find a better life for himself but to also find ways to study medicine further and to hone his skill beyond what was available in Egypt. Dr. Saad has recently decided to retire from the medical world after forty two years of practice and has been so kind as to share his personal ideas on how to be successful, not only in the medical profession but as a person in general.


One of Dr. Saad Saad’s pieces of sage advice is to never give up on goals that you set for yourself. It might sometimes seem daunting to complete some of our life goals, which makes sense since many of them are hard to accomplish. Being able to completely pay off debt, for instance, is an example of a goal that many people see as being as hard to do as climbing a mountain. If you continue to work in areas such as these with gusto and do not let them wear you down then you can succeed at them, as Dr. Saad has so kindly brought to our attention. Simple goals can be performed immediately as you think of them, which leads to the next life tip that Dr. Saad has explained.


Another thing that Dr. Saad recommends is to not procrastinate. If you can do the job in question at the moment than make sure you complete it and not attempt to do it later. The longer that we hold off on doing something the harder it becomes to actually complete it. Soon you will have a variety of different tasks that need to be done instead of just the original, which means that you will be even further away from finishing than you were when you could have started in the first place.


Before retiring from medicine Dr. Saad Saad saw great levels of success. He has been personally responsible for saving the lives of thousands of children with various ailments. Not only was Dr. Saad involved in pediatrics, his main specialty was pediatric surgery. This career choice can be emotionally difficult at times, not just physically as it can pull on the heart strings to see children in such pain. He will be sorely missed in the medical world for his vast knowledge and skill. Hopefully, with the advice he has given, he will continue to mentor. Learn more: