Rick Smith: Securus Technologies Excellent President, CEO And Chairman

Rick Smith is president, CEO and chairman of Securus Technologies. He was hired in July, 2008. The company felt he was the best person to lead them forward because of his leadership, unique skillset, impressive track record, focus, drive and excellent background. Smith has experience in business development, finance, information technology and operations. Under his leadership Securus Technologies has become the corrections industry’s undisputed leader in the provision of quality products and services.

Smith is well-educated and has vast experience business experience. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with an Associate’s degree and attended the State University of New York, Buffalo where he earned a B.S. in engineering. He also has a master’s degree in engineering from S.U.N.Y. and an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. Rick Smith started his professional career in 1972 at Global Crossing North America Inc. He spent 26 years there and held several positions including chief information officer and controller.

In 1998, Rick Smith began working with Eschelon Telecom Inc. He spent his first two years as chief financial officer of the company. He served as company president from 2000 until 2003 and was promoted to CEO. Smith is credited with increasing the revenue of the company from $30 million to over $350 million. He then led them to a successful IPO in 2005. Smith remained with Eschelon Telecom until 2007. He also served as president of Frontier Information Technologies, vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations and network plant operations director, business development director and vice president of financial management.

During his time as the president and CEO of Securus Technologies, Global Tel Link has been their biggest competition. Securus offers more products and services and its staff runs a domestic call center which performs 600% better than the competition. The company also has highly trained field technicians, plus it has built the biggest VOIP Corrections calling platform in the world. Securus Technologies has also invested more than $600 million in technologies, patents and acquisitions from 2013 and 2016 with Rick Smith at the reins.

Led by Rick Smith at their Dallas, Texas headquarters, SECURUS Technologies provides a wide array of services to over one million inmates and 2,600 corrections, public safety and law enforcement agencies throughout North America. Smith has helped the company to continue its commitment to delivering to the corrections community excellent services as well as cutting-edge technology for emergency response, incident management, monitoring, communications, public information, biometric analysis, investigation, public information and inmate self-service.

In his 9 years leading Securus Technology, Rick Smith has proven to be an innovative, visionary and effective executive. He’s also served on the board of Integra Telecom Co. Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc.

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