The Modern Outlook on Personal Cyber Security

Cyber security has become more signficantly important. In May 2017, President Trump issued an executive order that promoted on the improvement of cybersecurity within the United States. As computers continue to advance in terms of capability, the privacy threats evolve along with those capabilities. The number of cyber attacks have increased from the period of 2013-2015 and the cost of fixing cyberthreats will skyrocket to $6 trillion annually by 2021. The risk for medically related cyber attacks is predicted to reach $101 billion by 2018 (NYTimes). From ransomware attacks on personal computers to cyber attacks against politicians within the 2016 election, it has become apparent that this is a threat that demands immediate action.

Fortunately, services such as Rubia will greatly assist in increasing personal cyber security. The future outlook on personal cyber security displays that such attribute requires intensive commitment as hackers become more ambitious. Through the usage of a secure private network along with cyber security experts, Rubia works to ensure the safety of all of its users in terms of personal cyber security ( Relentless hackers require equally ambitious cyber protection. That is why Rubia’s help desk is opened 24/7 and it amplifies their security performance through the latest AI technology.


Why you should never worry again about ransomware

Ransomware is a type of cyber attack that once it gains access to your computer, it encrypts all of the data and controls it until a sum of money is paid. This type of attack also known as WannaCry occurred in May 2017; it affected computers in over 150 countries all over the world.

Following this attack, an online Investing News site featured an article where they explained the reasons for having a secure online working environment. The Investing news site highlighted some of the most sensitive reasons why any online business should hire digital security services such as those offered by Rubica to deal with such threats as ransomware.


Rubica is one of its kind companies that have over a decade experience with Concentric Advisors, the renowned advisors that provide both physical and online security for some of the world’s prominent individuals.


Rubica offers a full-service cyber security that protects all of your devices, no matter where you are. Their cyber experts monitor your activities through their app that you’ll have to download and install on all of your devices.


The article above listed the alarming rate at which the cybersecurity attacks are increasing as one of the reasons why your online safety and privacy should no longer be left to chance. The author also mentioned that the degree of destruction caused by cyber attacks such as ransomware is devastating, valued at over $6billion annually by 2021.


Jason Hope Uses His Knowledge To Move Technology In The Business World

Jason Hope is a tech genius and business guru who is very educated and has great insight. He has been working in the technology and healthcare industries for years as a consultant. His knowledge is very useful for many organizations because Hope has a proven track record with predicting the future of technology.

Jason Hope is the kind of visionary that is able to provide businesses with the information they need to develop high-end technological business solutions. His past education from the W. P. Carey School of Business and has put it to good use. He helps many enterprises to maximize their technology systems.

Hope is especially fond of the internet of things. This particular type of technology is crucial to the development of the future of business and society. Hope makes it a point to keep his focus on the here and now and the future. He realizes that the future holds a lot of great opportunities and businesses must be ready to take advantage of them.

The businesses that employ Hopes really understands his knowledge and keen insight into the world of technology. They know that this man is a modern day genius who knows how to provide realistic technology solutions that will benefit companies, their profits and more importantly the people they serve. Hope is an inspiration to people everywhere.

Learn more about Jason Hope:

Wessex Courses for 2017

It should be noted that all of these courses take place in New Forest, UK but some have additional locations and will have those added to them as needed.

Subject: Spatial Target Mapping for Hazard Prediction and Risk Assessment

Date: March 28 – 30 2017

Subject: Workshop on Transport and Disaster Risk Management

Date: June 14 – 16 2017


Subject: Short Course on Security System Integration

Date: July 11 – 13 2017

Additional Location: Ashurst Lodge, UK

Subject: Flooding and Mudflow Risk Management Using Computer Modelling

Date: October 10 – 12 2017

Additional Location: Ashurst Lodge, UK


Subject: System Dynamics Modelling for Water Resources Management

Date: October 23 – 25 2017


Subject: Short Course on Circular Economy

Date: October 31 – November 02 2017

Additional Location: Ashurst Lodge, UK


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