Securus Technologies Is Always Doing Something Great

Securus Technologies is always doing something great for the civil and criminal sectors of justice to protect the people from crime and harm. They are the leader in the safety industry, and they continue to make newer technologies to ensure the safety of the public. Their latest invention is the Wireless Containment Solution. The company is the leader in the safety industry, and they want to make sure that the world becomes a safer place to live.


The Wireless Containment Solution is helping in many ways, and they are able to get the cell phones and devices before they can be used in allowing a crime to be committed. Securus Technologies is very proud of what they were able to accomplish with this technology, because other companies tried to do the same thing, but they could not complete the mission.


Securus Technologies wants the people in the country to know more about their company, and what they do. They want them to see what they are working on, and why it is so important for the safety of the public. They have invited them to the Dallas, TX location for a tour and presentation of the complex. There the people will be able to see their newest technologies, and be allowed to ask questions that they might have.


With the success of Securus Technologies, they will continue to develop newer and better technologies in the future. They work constantly with the government, and deal with over a million prisoners every year in attempts to make the facilities safer for the inmates and for the public as a whole. The company has dedicated and professional employees that work very hard to complete the missions that they are sent on. They can complete work that other employees and various, safety companies cannot, and that sets them apart from the rest. They will continue to be very successful in the future.



Securus Technologies Corrects Claims Made By Competitor Global Tel Link

Securus Technologies had discovered a number of incorrect and inaccurate information presented by its main competitor Global Tel Link. The company has recently discovered that Global Tel Link has made a number of statements that are false. These particular statements talk about issues pertaining to litigation and patents. Global Tel Link made a number of statements to the public in a recent press release. However, Securus Technologies countered with statements that proved GTL to be wrong. As a result of these corrections, Securus Technologies has been able to clarify some facts to the public and help restore credibility to itself as well as the telecommunications industry as a whole.


During the past several months, Securus Technologies worked very hard to correct a number of statements made by Global Tel Link. Since these statements were potentially detrimental to the credibility of Securus, it put in a considerable amount of effort to help assure the public that the statements are false.


The corrections made by Securus Technologies pertain to a number of allegations that Global Tel Link made about patents. Global Tel Link has stated that they have gotten approval from the United States Patent Trial and Appeals Board to seek injunctions for damages caused by its main competitor Securus Technologies. While this statement was made to the public, Securus was able to prove it to be false by saying that GTL was never able to take legal action against them for any damages.


By making corrections such as this, Securus Technologies has been able to prove that they have not committed any unethical conduct. They are also in position to prove to the public that they are among the most trusted companies in the telecommunications industry.