Kim Doa and Sarah Arrive in Sydney Day Before K com Semiar

On September 21, 2017, Kim Doa took a plane from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Astralia for their K Com Festival. Kim Doa was supposed to have four presentations over the two day seminar. Kim Doa arrived at about 6:30 a.m and had breakfast while she waited for her friend Sarah’s plane to arrive in Sydney. Kim Doa had an avocado breakfast sandwich with some cheese and sausage patty. She had a fiber drink that looked like orange juice. Doa and Sarah dropped their bags off at the hotel and strolled along the streets, window shopping. There were many eating places that weren’t yet open; Kim Doa wasn’t hungry. One place that was open served some sort of drink with small sticky orange buns and a choice of strawberries and raspberries or some mints and M&M’s. The shop also served the buns plain, in a cup. Sarah bought a plain one and let Doa have a bite. Learn more:


The friends stopped off at a place for some tea with whipped cheese. Kim Doa had some green tea with whipped cream on the top. Doa and friend stopped off at mall and tried on eyeglasses and had lunch. Doa had a plate of Sukyaki that cost $25.90. The best deal is an all you can eat buffet for $20.00. The sukiyaki was ordered by pressing a touch pad that has a picture of the item and button to press. A notice comes up to let customers know when the order is ready. Learn more: