Mike Baur Providing Launching Platform for Entrepreneurs

The digital world is still relatively young compared to the history of civilization but it is one of the fastest growing industries of all time. Hundreds upon thousands of hours of digital content are uploaded every day to a variety of platforms all across the globe. How exactly do these digital enterprises get on their feet and begin producing a product for the masses to use? Enter a business mind such as Mike Baur. Mike Baur helped found and is a managing partner of the Swiss Start Up Factory. There are start ups for all types of business models these days but the ones Baur has the most interest in are those that focus on digital content. He believes that digital is the way of the future and to succeed in business there is no other direction that shows a greater potential for growth in the near and distant future. By offering not only up front capital, but also a plethora of experience that Mike Baur and his team are able to provide to young digital entrepreneurs. The Swiss Start Up Factory is designed to give those that would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so the chance to succeed in the business world with the aid of funding and continued support over time.


Mike Baur obtained well over 20 years of financial experience by working as a banker in Switzerland. Here, he got a first hand look at what does and doesn’t work in the world of business and exactly what it took in order to be successful. Before his founding of the Swiss Start Up Factory he began funding individual startups. Quickly he realized he could create his own business model around this tactic which would bring bright young minds to his doorstep with the next great discovery in the digital world. He would provide them capital for some specified return and the entrepreneur would finally see their dreams realized in the form of their company materializing. Although the once upon a time ago brick and mortar business model no longer applies to the businesses that Baur is interested in, there is still a massive market for their products and he only expects this market to grow. No one knows exactly what the next digital stronghold will be that blankets the globe but you can be sure that people such as Mike Baur are leading the tireless efforts to find out.


The Integrity of Bruno Fagali as an Attorney


     Bruno Jorge Fagali is a renowned Brazilian lawyer. He is the founder of his law firm, FAGALI advocacy. His clients know him as a man of principles, ethics and professionalism, running his law firm with integrity. He is a top attorney who specializes in public and anti-corruption law. Some of the cases he handles include public actions, civil law and regulatory law. He is the Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova sb which he joined in 2015. He lives in Sao Paulo and has been in the law business for more than ten years.


Bruno holds a Bachelor degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and his masters in the law of state, administrative and anti-corruption at the University of Sao Paulo. He has several legal certificates from many educational facilities such as Brazilian Society of Public Law, the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista among others. Through his education, he learned many languages like English, French, and Spanish.


Bruno started his career as in intern. He worked at Model Dom Paulo Avaristo Arms in 2006. Serving as a Lawyer, he went on to obtain several internships at Radi, Calil, and Associados Advovacia. Bruno is now the manager at Nova /sb. His role is to be responsible for their Cooperative Integrity Program, which is the system of good business practice. Nova /sb is an advertising agency which specializes in providing information to the public. The agency has a large number of government accounts such as the central bank and the secretariat of the communication of the president. Bruno Fagali serves at their internal lawyer of anti-corruption. The vision of the agency is to be transparent in their practice.

Legal contributions

Bruno Fagali has taken many actions to deal with corruption considering his involvement with public funds. This includes visits to firms which receive funds from the government to ensure transparency in the organization. His law firm, FAGALI advocacy, specializes in public law, compliance, election, and anti-corruption. Fagali treats his employees equally and gives them special training on integrity in various fields of law. Bruno has also contributed immensely to charity work.

Kim Doa and Sarah Arrive in Sydney Day Before K com Semiar

On September 21, 2017, Kim Doa took a plane from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Astralia for their K Com Festival. Kim Doa was supposed to have four presentations over the two day seminar. Kim Doa arrived at about 6:30 a.m and had breakfast while she waited for her friend Sarah’s plane to arrive in Sydney. Kim Doa had an avocado breakfast sandwich with some cheese and sausage patty. She had a fiber drink that looked like orange juice. Doa and Sarah dropped their bags off at the hotel and strolled along the streets, window shopping. There were many eating places that weren’t yet open; Kim Doa wasn’t hungry. One place that was open served some sort of drink with small sticky orange buns and a choice of strawberries and raspberries or some mints and M&M’s. The shop also served the buns plain, in a cup. Sarah bought a plain one and let Doa have a bite. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/kim-dao/


The friends stopped off at a place for some tea with whipped cheese. Kim Doa had some green tea with whipped cream on the top. Doa and friend stopped off at mall and tried on eyeglasses and had lunch. Doa had a plate of Sukyaki that cost $25.90. The best deal is an all you can eat buffet for $20.00. The sukiyaki was ordered by pressing a touch pad that has a picture of the item and button to press. A notice comes up to let customers know when the order is ready. Learn more: http://socialblade.com/youtube/user/kimdao


Sawyer Howitt’s Breakdown on How to Become an Exceptional Racquetball Player

     Becoming a competent professional racquetball player is widely considered to be the ultimate dream for most players. Not only does it give you immense satisfaction but it also strengthens the sense of pride lacking to most people. Often, dedicated professional racquetball players become household names based on physical fitness and sufficient energy. In most cases, most wannabe racquetball players hardly make it, and when they do, the rewards can be astronomical.

Researching Beforehand is Your Best Way Forward

Most aspiring athletes fail to conduct adequate research before plunging into the sport. In such a case, experiencing disappointment shouldn’t be a no-brainer especially when the same athlete gives up soon after. Before making this crucial decision, you might want to consider the exact reasons propelling you to become a professional player.

If you possess genuine motivation, don’t hesitate to conduct adequate research. If you intend on generating revenue from the sports, you might want to consider approaching it from a business point of view to maximize your earnings. As you embark on this noble venture, pundits highly advise newbies to pursue potential avenues as your starting point.

Exude Commitment to the Plan

Developing a predetermined improvement plan is crucial if you intend on making any meaningful progress. Strengthening athletic performance entails long-term discipline in pursuing this route. In essence, try as much as much as possible to stick to your training regimen.

Alternatively, you could also consult a seasoned racquetball professional to help you stay focused on your goal. By contacting a professional, they can share valuable insight on pitfalls to avoid and what it takes to make it to the top. Additionally, having a seasoned expert by your corner can significantly increase your chances of attaining a professional level. Make sure that your plan is broken down into attainable goals.

Hire an Excellent Coach

Most professional players credit their coach for being an instrumental cornerstone in their success. With their help, they managed to remain motivated. As a newbie, it’s highly advisable to find a seasoned coach if you intend on becoming a successful racquetball player. Most racquetball clubs have competent coaches that can guide you along the way.

Sawyer Howitt in Brief

Sawyer Howitt is an exceptional racquetball player based in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Howitt recently gained prominence during the 2015 tournament courtesy of featuring in men’s doubles, singles, and mixed doubles.


Dr. Mark McKenna, An Affluent Medical Doctor and Businessman

Dr. Mark McKenna is a serial entrepreneur and a medical doctor. He is licensed in surgery and medicine by the Louisiana and also the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners. The alumnus of Tulane University Medical School lives in Atlanta Georgia. Dr. McKenna started OVME after ten years experience in the medical aesthetics industry. He believes in meditating, setting active goals regularly and visualizing. The voracious reader recommends Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich” a book that elaborates the power of visualization.

His secret to success is surrounding himself with people that are smarter than him. Some of the individuals who have influenced his thinking include President Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg. The father of one is married and works till late night after going for Jiu-Jitsu training. Mark McKenna talks about why it is good to move slowly so that one can realize their passion, as moving with speed without direction is useless.

More about Dr. Mark McKenna

The community servant grew up in New Orleans, LA and only moved to Atlanta in 2007. After his graduation, he began to practice medicine with his father and was able to simultaneously launch and run McKenna Venture Investment a real estate development firm. He later acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. which offered real estate closing, design-build, and finance services. The Hurricane Katrina in 2005 destroyed most of his business interests, but the kind-hearted man was involved in the redevelopment of New Orleans housing.

After moving to Georgia, Dr. Mark McKenna embarked on a new firm, Shape Med. It was a wellness and aesthetic based medical practice. His dedication and commitment earned Shape Med an Allergen Inc’s Black Diamond certification. The rare certification recognizes excellence, innovation, and high-quality patient care. He was the National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc., after selling Shape Med to the company.

The go-getter founded OVME a technology-enabled and medical aesthetics company. The successful businessman has served on boards such as New Orleans Industrial Development Board and New Orleans Jazz Festival. He is currently a member of Entrepreneur Organization.


A sneak pick into the life of Betsy DeVos

There are only a few women who I have come across in my career as a writer who have shown me how generous and kind hearted they are the way Betsy DeVos has. She is by far one of the most philanthropic women figures in the United States Of America who for many years has kept donating all in the name of helping those that are less fortunate in the society. Her attributes are endless owing to the fact that she is a very active person in life and the community. Personally, I adore the many things she has been able to achieve since her early years in college when she established her herself as a reformer.

Her years in college manifested her ability to actively engage in issues that were experienced at the time in campus and as fate would dictate she carried this spirit out into her community after she graduated. Her life as a reformist and a philanthropist has seen her lead and hold very many campaigns and fund raisings with the aim of raising enough funds which all go to good cause.

The most profound attributes that Betsy DeVos has is the ability to innovatively come up with solutions to problems experienced in the society. It is for this reason that she was named the Chairperson of Windquest Group a firm she helped found with her husband Dick DeVos in the year 1989. It is a firm made up of many other small companies all aimed at investing and manufacturing of clean energy technology.

Also, Betsy DeVos is also the Chair of Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, an organization that she uses to channel all her donations in the society. Mrs. DeVos has been known for many years to donate widely to a variety of causes, but education has always been at the heart of it all. As a result of this, she is an active member of quite some local and national boards which include Foundation for Excellence in Education, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church and last but not least DeVos Institute for Arts Management, Kennedy Center.

Besty DeVos backs her generosity giving towards the educational sector stating that she sees it as her civic duty towards her country and the society in general. This generous act of giving is in a way unique to her and her husband since the both of them have deviated from the extended family way of giving that is usually political based.

Through the many scholarships she has been able to offer, many students across the country owe thanks to her for her generosity that enabled them to achieve their goals and dreams. Her scholarships in a way have helped bridge the gap in government funding that has always left others in the community feeling neglected.


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A Detailed Look at Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Successful Career

Scott Rocklage is a renowned investor in the healthcare sector. In 2003, Scott Rocklage joined 5 AM Venture as a partner, and in 2004 he became the managing partner. Dr. Rocklage has worked for over 30 years in healthcare management where he exercised his strategic leadership knowledge. He has facilitated the entry of various drug applicants into clinical trials.

The doctor worked as the Nycomed Salutar president and CEO, Cubist Pharmaceuticals chairperson and CEO and in various positions at Salutar and Catalytica. Rocklage formerly operated as the board chair of Relypsa and Novira. Currently, he is the board chairman of Rennovia and Cidara.

Dr. Scott Rocklage graduated from the University of California with BS in chemistry. He joined Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for Ph.D. in chemistry and research. He is now an inventor and co-inventor in more than 100 publications and 30 U.S. patents. His offices are in Boston, MA.

Career Life

Scott Rocklage established 5 AM Venture as a life science-based and a venture capital company. He spends his days with the firm management team and studying new science concepts.

Interacting with entrepreneurs either physician, scientists, and business executives enable him to acquire new ideas. His ability to target particular genotypes and mutations to treat cancer in different ways excited him.

Dr. Rocklage uses his skills in time management and innovativeness to remain productive. He feels the need to focus more on clients by forming segments to handle specific needs of the customers.

The inventor goes ahead and encourages entrepreneurs to be risk takers and start their businesses in one of his interviews. Concentrating on what 5 AM knows best has helped him to win the loyalty of the market.

About 5 AM Ventures

5 AM firm is a leading capital entity that builds next-generation life science outlets capable of offering outstanding returns to investors. It supports enterprises that require healthcare solutions by cutting-edge innovations in science and medicine. They spearhead new strategies to identify, prevent, and treat numerous medical conditions. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn

5 AM staffs possess strong medical, scientific, operational, finance, and legal expertise. The team implements time-tested and hands-on mechanisms when handling a customer request. Other activities that take place in the establishment include setting business strategies, business development, management recruiting, and fundraising.

Goettl Sees Positive Improvements

One of the biggest goals that Goettl has always had is to improve their business. They want to be confident in what they are providing to their clients and they know that the only way to do this is through making all of the necessary changes to the opportunities that they have. Goettl knows a lot about what they can do and about what will make their business better so they have always relied on that to improve their business. They have also tried to ensure that their clients know what they need to do so that they can experience more out of the situations that they are a part of.

Even when Goettl was learning how to regrow their own business, they knew that customers were so important. They have always maintained that attitude and that is what allows them to keep growing. Even though they were a company that had a rough start, Goettl knew what it took and knew how they would be able to help people with all of the issues that they had in the past so that they could experience more out of the situations that they had for their clients.

The HVAC industry can be difficult for businesses to be successful with. They need to ensure that they are doing things the right way and that they are experiencing everything possible no matter what is going on. Thanks to the experiences that Goettl has been able to provide, they know that their business will improve and that they will do more to help people out no matter what is going on. This is something that has helped Goettl to grow and had helped them to see the differences in the things that they are doing.

Now that Goettl has acquired a Southern California company according to BizJournals, they can offer even more customers the options that they need. Goettl wants to ensure that their newest customers feel like they are a part of something that is just as important as the other customers. They are going to continuously work to ensure that clients are getting the exact type of HVAC service that they need to be able to be successful in different types of services that they have to be able to provide to them whether it is commercial or residential. All customers matter to Goettl and they work hard to show them that. View the company profile on linkedin.com.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Helps Patients Suffering from Sleep Apnea

Although technology has greatly advanced many individuals with sleep apnea have still not been diagnosed. Sleep apnea is a condition causing lapses in breathing during sleep. These lapses sometimes last for seconds, and sometimes for minutes. Waking up choking is common for this disorder. The condition prohibits deep cycles of sleep, while causing grogginess and mood swings. Sleep apnea can lead to serious health risks including strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart failure, and heart attacks. The risk of sleep apnea in individuals who have excess weight is higher.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist and an expert in sleep apnea. He has twenty years of experience and created Healthy Heart Sleep as a network to provide relief to individuals with sleep apnea. The network consists of dentists and sleep experts and they are dedicated to finding the practices to help people with sleep conditions. Although he had his own dentistry practice, Dr. Weisfogel was not satisfied. He found the correlation between dentistry and sleep disorders and used his intelligence and skill to help his patients.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the force behind Dental Sleep Masters. His background in sleep disorders and their treatments is extensive. He gained valuable experience with his dental practice which was established in 1999. His service to his community resulted in his receiving the accolade of the Best Dentist for several years. He began his work with physicians across the globe in 2010 when he created Healthy Heart Sleep. Dr. Weisfogel is dedicated to helping individuals suffering from sleep disorders.

Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient was founded in 2012 by Dr. Avi Weisfogel. This when his lectures to dentists began so he could explain how their patients with sleep conditions could best be treated. He continued his journey and Dental Sleep Masters came about in 2014. The company showed dentists the value of oral appliances in the treatment of sleep disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel was educated at the Rutgers University where he received his BA in biology. He continued his education at the New York College of dentistry where upon graduation he received his DDS. He has a keen intelligence and an understanding of sleep apnea. He uses his skills to make a difference in the lives of his patients.

The great scientist Dr. Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage, is an exemplary man. He has a proven track record in success. He is currently the Managing Director at 5AM ventures. He later became a Managing Director at 2014 after joining the company as a Venture Partner in 2013. Dr. Scott has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare management.

Dr. Scott Rocklage attended the University of California and achieved a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. He later went for further studies and achieved a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute. His PhD was in chemistry.

Scott has used his experience in strategic leadership that has led to three new U.S. Drug Applications been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. He has entered a number of candidates into clinical trials. Dr. Rocklage works from the Boston office.

Dr. Scott Rocklage has a science based business called the 5AM Ventures. The business is still under its early stages hence he spends his days differently depending on the need of the company.

Some of the days are spent learning new things, on other days he works with the management of the company and on the rest, he attends board meetings for the companies he represents. There is never a normal kind of day for Dr. Scott. He works with entrepreneurs who are in the field of science as they share common interests.

His main interest is in the ability to target particular genotypes in order to treat cancer. Developing improvements for this particular scenario will lead to more lives been saved. Dr. Scott is also a very organized time keeper and prioritization is key for him.

He advices entrepreneurs to be more willing risk takers. He also advices that people should stay focused on their strengths in order to succeed in business.

Focusing on to many things at a go is derailing and is not a good way to start a business. Furthermore, he advises that if you make wrong hires in business, you should be relatively fast to access performance and act accordingly.

Dr. Rocklage is a man with a numerous capabilities. He has shown a continued step by step growth in his career and is still aiming higher.

Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

The Amazing Career of Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures