Amicus Therapeutics, Lysosomal Storage Diseases, and How It’s Helping

Fortunately for modern human society, the former threats of many illnesses and ailments that used to threaten peoples’ lives – think smallpox, measles, polio, chicken pox – are long gone, for the most part, thanks to the research and practice of medicine. These ailments were some of the world’s most popular, spurring scientists across the globe to take a collective hand in dealing with them. However, fortunately-unfortunately, some diseases and ailments that are highly problematic don’t affect enough people to make it economically feasible for pharmaceutical giants to develop, research, test, market, and produce treatments or cures for.


These diseases are called orphan diseases. Several years following the turn of the millennium, Amicus Therapeutics began researching treatments for orphan diseases, mostly those called lysosomal storage diseases, in which microscopic human cells that break down food and other molecules don’t have enzymes that are powerful enough to do the jobs they’re designed to carry out. This results in a host of health problems.


Fabry disease is arguably the most popular lysosomal storage disease Amicus Therapeutics has worked on thus far, featuring the painful, quality of life-reducing symptoms of foot and hand pain, hundreds of red spots located on peoples’ torsos, tinnitus, failure to push out ample sweat, lower-quality hearing and eyesight, among other pesky – sometimes downright terrible – symptoms.


Fortunately for the few people suffering from Fabry disease, Amicus Therapeutics got migalastat – brand name Galafold – approved for use in Australia just last month (GCReport). This, combined with other approvals and advancements in clinical trials and studies, has spurred high growth in the stock price of Amicus Therapeutics, rising as much as 178% since January 1st, 2017.


Amicus Therapeutics was created in tranquil, rural Cranbury, New Jersey, over fifteen years ago in February of 2002 ( In 2007, Amicus Therapeutics “went public,” meaning its stock was available for sale on major stock exchanges, particularly with the NASDAQ trading symbol of FOLD. Amicus Therapeutics currently holds an impressive 900-plus million dollars’ worth of assets, as of its most recent release of financial statements, per June of 2017.


The Modern Outlook on Personal Cyber Security

Cyber security has become more signficantly important. In May 2017, President Trump issued an executive order that promoted on the improvement of cybersecurity within the United States. As computers continue to advance in terms of capability, the privacy threats evolve along with those capabilities. The number of cyber attacks have increased from the period of 2013-2015 and the cost of fixing cyberthreats will skyrocket to $6 trillion annually by 2021. The risk for medically related cyber attacks is predicted to reach $101 billion by 2018 (NYTimes). From ransomware attacks on personal computers to cyber attacks against politicians within the 2016 election, it has become apparent that this is a threat that demands immediate action.

Fortunately, services such as Rubia will greatly assist in increasing personal cyber security. The future outlook on personal cyber security displays that such attribute requires intensive commitment as hackers become more ambitious. Through the usage of a secure private network along with cyber security experts, Rubia works to ensure the safety of all of its users in terms of personal cyber security ( Relentless hackers require equally ambitious cyber protection. That is why Rubia’s help desk is opened 24/7 and it amplifies their security performance through the latest AI technology.


Osteo Relief Institute: Providing the Best Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common diseases among the senior citizens. It is a subject that is misunderstood due to the poor awareness in the community. This type of illness majorly results in the pain of the joints. This is because the disease wears out the cartilage found between the joints. This results in severe pain and is some cases stiffness of the joints. It is an incurable disease. The person suffering from this disease is therefore usually advised to self-manage the condition. Regular exercises and routines can come in handy for the condition. The major purpose of this is to reduce the spread of the disease. This needs much support, and the Osteo Relief Institute is a firm established just for that purpose.


Osteo Relief Institute is a company that specializes in family medicine. It is based in New Jersey and was officially founded in 2012. It is made up of highly trained individuals who are committed to assisting the elderly community. Osteo Relief Institute is termed to be the best in what they do. This is because they employ the state of art equipment in their treatments. This is evident since the firm’s major policy is to avoid invasive methods of treatment as much as possible.


Osteo Relief Institute is majorly focused on employing cartilage evaluation as one of its treatment methods. A decrease in the collagen fibers in the cartilage causes the joints to rub against each other. This may manifest as severe inflammation and unbearable pain. Hence, the team evaluates the level of damage and advise the patient on the way forward. This evaluation is normally coupled with the examining of the inflamed knee.


Osteo Relief Institute also supports minimal evasiveness. The team uses injections as a means of treating soreness (HealthGrades). It is quite a painless procedure that offers relief to the patients for about six months. This type of treatment method is usually administered after the effects of arthritis has manifested, and the patient doesn’t live an active life.

The most widely used method is physical therapy where exercise such as riding bicycles is employed. This usually serves to improve the flexibility of the knee. Such methods employed by the Osteo Relief Institute have proven to be quite successful.

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Eli Gershkovitch Giving True Definition To The Word Craft In Craft Beers

After a long day of work, all of us want to enjoy the rest of time we have off relaxed. We all have different ways that we like to relax. For some of us, that means relaxing with a nice ice cold beer. Whether you are relaxing with your friends in a social setting, or whether you are relaxing in your living room watching your favorite television program, you can’t go wrong when you choose to have a nice Canadian Craft Beer. Those are the people who Eli Gershkovitch had in mind when he decided to share his business skill and knowledge on how to grow a successful business towards helping Steamworks Craft Breweries. He did all this as their CEO.

Eli Gershkovitch pic

Eli Gershkovitch keeps a humble attitude towards his position in the brewing business, allowing him to overcome obstacles that were preventing him from being one of the best in the competitive world of Canadian Brewing.


Common Beer is, well common, and so to stand out Eli Gershkovitch became a part of beer innovation when he and his team came up with a variety of different out of the mainstream types of beers (Westender). The Pumpkin Ale comes only once a year in the Fall, made with freshly harvested pumpkins. To top it all off pumpkin pie spices are added in towards the end giving it that homemade pumpkin pie taste in every drop. Award-winning beers that come in The Classic 8 Tall Can Mash Up, like the Pilsner, are what makes this company unique. These are names and tastes that stand out in the brewery world. A few ideas that made Steamworks beer one of the top, award-winning competitors of the breweries.


Eli Gershkovitch holds a degree in law, however, opted out of the law field. His presence was more valued in making a company one of the most successful, adding true value to his life and to the lives of those who worked with while on that mission with Steamworks. True success lies in the ability to wake up every morning happy. Eli Gershkovitch is an astonishing example of what following your true heart’s desire can do. Along with integrity put together with honorable actions Eli Gershkovitch set forth in changing the world that surrounds him, making it a better place for all Canadian Beer lovers across the world.

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Dr. Mark Holterman: The Best medical Researcher

Autoimmune Disorders and Medical Advancement


Dr. Mark Holterman is passionate about carrying out a research on various disorders. He has investigated regenerative therapies and stem cell, obesity, autoimmune and autoimmunity disorders.


An autoimmune disorder occurs when the body fights its own cells. The body misinterprets its own cells as foreign. There are numerous disorders of this nature. It is difficult to diagnose them because their symptoms are similar. Examples of these diseases, which Dr. Holterman explores, include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s disease, and Psoriasis.


  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis


It is a chronic inflammatory illness that affects people off all ages. It debilitates and attacks the hands’ joints. Although there is no cure for the disease, pain experienced by patients can be relieved by using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.


  1. Psoriasis


The autoimmune disease causes changes in the life cycle of skin cells. The illness achieves the objective allowing excess production of the cells, making the skin dry and painful. Topical corticosteroids have been found to be effective in treating mild forms of the disease.


  1. Hashimoto’s disease.


This is an endocrine disease that affects the thyroid glands. The disease causes hyperthyroidism, noticeable by its many symptoms.


Dr. Mark Holterman is dedicated to the advancement of medical studies (Crunchbase). He works tirelessly to find a cure for chronic illnesses like diabetes. He is a member of American Diabetes Association (ADA). In early September, Children`s hospitals located in ADA and Los Angeles announced a combined initiative. The process aimed at educating people on type 2 diabetes mellitus.


The two hospitals developed an experience known as Camp Power Up (CPU). Its purpose was to educate people on the importance of physical activities and healthy foods. The initiative aimed at lowering the risk that is presented by type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

Holterman pic good

About Dr. Mark Holterman


Dr. Mark Holterman is a medical professor. He is a practicing pediatric surgeon. Since 2011, Mark has been working at Illinois college of medicine. He also performs surgery at the children`s Hospital at Illinois, ST Francis Medical Center and Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He is a member of several organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics and American college of surgeons.


Dr. Mark Holterman graduated from Yale University where he specialized in Biology. He earned his MD and Ph.D. from Virginia University. He studied general surgery at Virginia Health Sciences. A resident of Marywood, Dr. Holterman has 3 decades of experience in medicine and surgery.


Entrepreneurship in a Whole New Amazing Level Thanks to Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman currently serves as the CEO of LaunchPad Holding LLC. He took part in co-founding the company in 2015. Glen earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the University of Scranton in the year 1981. He also graduated with an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Career Background of Glen

P&L is where Glen commenced his successful career journey. He afterward served in business developmental positions in GE Capital. Wakeman has presided and founded Nova Four.


Achievements of Glen Wakeman

Wakeman is an entrepreneur and a mentor with over two decades of knowledge. He has been able to revolutionize enterprises with $15 billion and over 17,000 staff members, who have contributed to the successful growth of the businesses. He has taken part in guiding startups as part of his work. In risk management, execution, human capital leadership, and governance, Glen utilizes hi proven methodologies. He uses his abilities as a writer to share his perception through blog posts. He shares on emerging markets, strategizing, international fiscal matters and administration and management.

Business Topics on Glen Wakeman’s Blogs

Glen Wakeman regularly blogs about emerging markets, business transformation, leadership and global affairs. He also mentors start-ups like Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees and some C-level executives. He has innovation, growth, and executive development interest at heart. Glen having resided in six different countries, and being liable for processes in almost 30 regions globally, has earned himself notable recognition globally (PhillyPurge).

At LaunchPad Holdings, there is a fully automated software service that helps young entrepreneurs to arrange their ideas into an implementable plan. The software has a national scope and is enjoying an increasing growth curve. It is accompanied by a wide and deep collection of tips and suggestions accessible to entrepreneurs as they start their companies and is backed up by a comprehensive ecosystem of advisors and service providers.

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Lori Senecal Looks to the Future

Very few corporate professionals work for the same company their entire career. Unless the company is family owned or offering them significant compensation, most leave after a few years. For Lori Senecal, her career is littered with successful accomplishments at numerous companies. Her latest venture was with CP+B.

Her contributions earned her a new title, created just for her: Global CEO. Senecal’s performance is often described as focused and precise. Her calm demeanor doesn’t match her exact professionalism. What she lacks in sociability, she makes up for in the ability to grow companies on a global scale.

Since joining CP+B, Lori turned the company into something completely new. Once, a national firm; now, CP+B is an international firm with the flexibility and innovation of an up and coming startup. That’s Senecal’s legacy at every company she’s worked for. She introduces new technology and implements new strategies.

Though she’s had numerous accomplishments at CP+B, one comes to mind. In 2015, after being named Global CEO, she managed to land American Airlines as clients. That achievement established her name forever in the CP+B history books. American Airlines only worked with TM Advertising for 25 years. Lori Senecal changed all of that.

Her boss, founder and Chairman Chuck Porter, is stepping up to take some of the responsibility as Senecal prepares to retire at the end of the year. He hopes to continue with the structures she’s placed, and he’s looking forward to working with the next generation of leadership.

While change is always scary, they’re being careful about choosing the next generation of leaders. They don’t want to promote anyone who’s going to damage or belittle all the hard work that Senecal put in. According to Forbes, she made the company what it is today, and she’s working closely with Porter to ensure the company survives her retirement.

As changes begin, Senecal shows interest in one particular youngster: Danielle Aldrich. Aldrich helped Senecal land the American Airlines account, and she’s been promoted to President of CP+B West. Follow her Twitter for more.

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Mike Baur Providing Launching Platform for Entrepreneurs

The digital world is still relatively young compared to the history of civilization but it is one of the fastest growing industries of all time. Hundreds upon thousands of hours of digital content are uploaded every day to a variety of platforms all across the globe. How exactly do these digital enterprises get on their feet and begin producing a product for the masses to use? Enter a business mind such as Mike Baur. Mike Baur helped found and is a managing partner of the Swiss Start Up Factory. There are start ups for all types of business models these days but the ones Baur has the most interest in are those that focus on digital content. He believes that digital is the way of the future and to succeed in business there is no other direction that shows a greater potential for growth in the near and distant future. By offering not only up front capital, but also a plethora of experience that Mike Baur and his team are able to provide to young digital entrepreneurs. The Swiss Start Up Factory is designed to give those that would not otherwise have the opportunity to do so the chance to succeed in the business world with the aid of funding and continued support over time.


Mike Baur obtained well over 20 years of financial experience by working as a banker in Switzerland. Here, he got a first hand look at what does and doesn’t work in the world of business and exactly what it took in order to be successful. Before his founding of the Swiss Start Up Factory he began funding individual startups. Quickly he realized he could create his own business model around this tactic which would bring bright young minds to his doorstep with the next great discovery in the digital world. He would provide them capital for some specified return and the entrepreneur would finally see their dreams realized in the form of their company materializing. Although the once upon a time ago brick and mortar business model no longer applies to the businesses that Baur is interested in, there is still a massive market for their products and he only expects this market to grow. No one knows exactly what the next digital stronghold will be that blankets the globe but you can be sure that people such as Mike Baur are leading the tireless efforts to find out.


The Integrity of Bruno Fagali as an Attorney


     Bruno Jorge Fagali is a renowned Brazilian lawyer. He is the founder of his law firm, FAGALI advocacy. His clients know him as a man of principles, ethics and professionalism, running his law firm with integrity. He is a top attorney who specializes in public and anti-corruption law. Some of the cases he handles include public actions, civil law and regulatory law. He is the Corporate Integrity Manager for Nova sb which he joined in 2015. He lives in Sao Paulo and has been in the law business for more than ten years.


Bruno holds a Bachelor degree in law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo and his masters in the law of state, administrative and anti-corruption at the University of Sao Paulo. He has several legal certificates from many educational facilities such as Brazilian Society of Public Law, the Institute of Administrative Law Paulista among others. Through his education, he learned many languages like English, French, and Spanish.


Bruno started his career as in intern. He worked at Model Dom Paulo Avaristo Arms in 2006. Serving as a Lawyer, he went on to obtain several internships at Radi, Calil, and Associados Advovacia. Bruno is now the manager at Nova /sb. His role is to be responsible for their Cooperative Integrity Program, which is the system of good business practice. Nova /sb is an advertising agency which specializes in providing information to the public. The agency has a large number of government accounts such as the central bank and the secretariat of the communication of the president. Bruno Fagali serves at their internal lawyer of anti-corruption. The vision of the agency is to be transparent in their practice.

Legal contributions

Bruno Fagali has taken many actions to deal with corruption considering his involvement with public funds. This includes visits to firms which receive funds from the government to ensure transparency in the organization. His law firm, FAGALI advocacy, specializes in public law, compliance, election, and anti-corruption. Fagali treats his employees equally and gives them special training on integrity in various fields of law. Bruno has also contributed immensely to charity work.

Kim Doa and Sarah Arrive in Sydney Day Before K com Semiar

On September 21, 2017, Kim Doa took a plane from Perth, Australia to Sydney, Astralia for their K Com Festival. Kim Doa was supposed to have four presentations over the two day seminar. Kim Doa arrived at about 6:30 a.m and had breakfast while she waited for her friend Sarah’s plane to arrive in Sydney. Kim Doa had an avocado breakfast sandwich with some cheese and sausage patty. She had a fiber drink that looked like orange juice. Doa and Sarah dropped their bags off at the hotel and strolled along the streets, window shopping. There were many eating places that weren’t yet open; Kim Doa wasn’t hungry. One place that was open served some sort of drink with small sticky orange buns and a choice of strawberries and raspberries or some mints and M&M’s. The shop also served the buns plain, in a cup. Sarah bought a plain one and let Doa have a bite. Learn more:


The friends stopped off at a place for some tea with whipped cheese. Kim Doa had some green tea with whipped cream on the top. Doa and friend stopped off at mall and tried on eyeglasses and had lunch. Doa had a plate of Sukyaki that cost $25.90. The best deal is an all you can eat buffet for $20.00. The sukiyaki was ordered by pressing a touch pad that has a picture of the item and button to press. A notice comes up to let customers know when the order is ready. Learn more: