Dick DeVos And His Family’s Example

Dick DeVos is an entrepreneur from a family of entrepreneurs. Therefore, it is very likely that he has learned a lot about business at a very young age, especially since he was involved with Amway when it was first started. His father has taught him through example how to run a business. Dick DeVos has carried his lessons that he has learned through his career. With all of the businesses he has run, he has gained enough experience and insights to share with others that are hoping to run successful companies. These are not his only accomplishments. Learn more: http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about


Dick is also a philanthropist when it comes to his activities. He is willing to share a lot of his resources with his community. His way of helping the community involves the long term as well as the short term. He does not want people to become dependent on the help that they get. Instead, he gives people a path to follow that can help them in the long run. Dick and his wife has set up the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation as a way to fund different programs of the community so that they can provide the best possible education to the children.


As a family man, Dick DeVos makes sure that he presents himself as a strong and wise person. He takes care of all of the responsibilities in his home and also teaches his family the principles that will help them stay prosperous. These principles are helpful in every aspect of life. One principle is honesty. One of the reasons that honesty is such a great principle is that it allows people to move forward without having to fear any consequences.


People who are looking for an example of success and philanthropy have to look no further than the DeVos Family. They are the type of people that are not only good at acquire resources, but are willing to use their resources to help others. The help they provide is actually meaningful and empowering. They help the community by providing opportunities that are sustainable and teaching people how to create their own opportunities.

Fabletics Brings High Fashion and Convenience to Customers

Fabletics is taking advantage of the growing online market. One of the ways that it is achieving this is by paying attention to the desires of the market. Fashion is a common desire. Health is another desire as well. People are also looking for convenience. For this reason, they are doing some of their shopping online. As a matter of fact, more customers are taking their business online for many reasons which is causing many established retailers to adapt to the new market by changing their business structure. Fabletics owner Kate Hudson has made the right choice in focusing all of her attention on online business models. This has made it easier to come up with online solutions.


One of the biggest advantages of the internet is that people have greater access to the world of fashion. Given that the internet has the ability to introduce people to online retailers and other stores they haven’t heard of depending on their area, people can find styles and products that they would’ve never known existed. Kate Hudson wants people to be able to access these items from everywhere. Therefore, Kate and her business partners have come up with a marketing strategy that is effective at making people aware of the brand.


The selling point of Fabletics is not that it sells high fashion clothing. It is that it offers something unique in a category of clothing that is not known for being unique. This category is active wear. Kate has seen a certain subcategory of active wear called ‘athleisure’. She has decided that she wants to bring that type of product to customers at a lower price than the other stores that are offering this product. With athleisure, people have clothing that is uniquely designed so that it can be worn for more than just physical activity.


Kate Hudson’s purpose behind Fabletics is to send a message of health as well as fashion. She wants to show people that they are more connected than ever. She is also willing to encourage people to dress in stylish clothes even if they are not at their ideal body shape. Also, in order for Fabletics to be successful, the company has to pay attention to the customers. One of the best ways to do this is by getting in touch with the crowd and having them express their opinions on what they want from the company.

Rick Smith: Introducing Developments to Prison Communications

Securus Technologies is an American telecommunications company based in Texas. It is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of telecommunication devices being used inside North American correctional facilities, and they are also one of the leading prison telecommunication providers, giving the prisoners an option to speak with someone inside the facility and with the people outside. The company reached a new level of success under the leadership of Rick Smith, Securus Technologies’ most recent chief executive officer who was appointed to the position by the company’s board of directors in 2008. Prior to his career with Securus Technologies, Rick Smith worked with Eschelon Telecom Inc., serving as the company’s president, and he initiated changes that made the small time telecommunications company a successful player in the industry overnight. His knowledge and expertise in the field of telecommunications coupled with his dedication and hard work made him the most favorable choice to become the next executive of Securus Technologies. Read more articles at securustech.net.

Securus Technologies is taking pride with their video calling technology, stating that it has greatly improved compared to their past products. Their video calling technology is considered as one of the fastest in the planet, and it gives the prisoners a chance to see their loved ones outside. The development of the technology began under the leadership of Rick Smith, and he stated that he wanted to create something that would benefit both the prisoner and their loved ones outside. With the integration of the video calling technology to their devices, Rick Smith hopes that it would lessen the homesickness that each prisoner feels. The authorities are also studying the fact of using the video calling technology as a replacement for the face to face visits, because they have seen its potential and it would also lessen the commotion inside the correctional facility. Rick Smith also spearheaded the development of a biometrics device that the authorities can use to promote law and order inside the facility.

Learn more: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/securus-adds-sales-executive-to-leadership-team-300201202.html

Rick Smith is known to his colleagues inside Securus Technologies as a person who loves to develop and innovate things. The improvements to the products sold by the company is driven by his sense of practicality, and it is proven to be effective as more correctional facilities in the United States and Canada are choosing Securus Technologies as their telecommunications provider. Rick Smith Securus is also known for spending millions of dollars to protect their company properties, and it was reported that Securus Technologies recently spent more than $600 for the protection of their inventions and patents, numbering to more than 140. Securus Technologies would come a long way if someone like Rick Smith continues to provide his expertise in leading the company, and with his leadership skills, the company is confidently stable and afloat. Check this article at Bloomberg.com to know more about Rick Smith.

Rick Smith: Securus Technologies Excellent President, CEO And Chairman

Rick Smith is president, CEO and chairman of Securus Technologies. He was hired in July, 2008. The company felt he was the best person to lead them forward because of his leadership, unique skillset, impressive track record, focus, drive and excellent background. Smith has experience in business development, finance, information technology and operations. Under his leadership Securus Technologies has become the corrections industry’s undisputed leader in the provision of quality products and services.

Smith is well-educated and has vast experience business experience. He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with an Associate’s degree and attended the State University of New York, Buffalo where he earned a B.S. in engineering. He also has a master’s degree in engineering from S.U.N.Y. and an MBA from the University of Rochester’s Simon School. Rick Smith started his professional career in 1972 at Global Crossing North America Inc. He spent 26 years there and held several positions including chief information officer and controller.

In 1998, Rick Smith began working with Eschelon Telecom Inc. He spent his first two years as chief financial officer of the company. He served as company president from 2000 until 2003 and was promoted to CEO. Smith is credited with increasing the revenue of the company from $30 million to over $350 million. He then led them to a successful IPO in 2005. Smith remained with Eschelon Telecom until 2007. He also served as president of Frontier Information Technologies, vice president of Midwest Telephone Operations and network plant operations director, business development director and vice president of financial management.

During his time as the president and CEO of Securus Technologies, Global Tel Link has been their biggest competition. Securus offers more products and services and its staff runs a domestic call center which performs 600% better than the competition. The company also has highly trained field technicians, plus it has built the biggest VOIP Corrections calling platform in the world. Securus Technologies has also invested more than $600 million in technologies, patents and acquisitions from 2013 and 2016 with Rick Smith at the reins.

Led by Rick Smith at their Dallas, Texas headquarters, SECURUS Technologies provides a wide array of services to over one million inmates and 2,600 corrections, public safety and law enforcement agencies throughout North America. Smith has helped the company to continue its commitment to delivering to the corrections community excellent services as well as cutting-edge technology for emergency response, incident management, monitoring, communications, public information, biometric analysis, investigation, public information and inmate self-service.

In his 9 years leading Securus Technology, Rick Smith has proven to be an innovative, visionary and effective executive. He’s also served on the board of Integra Telecom Co. Ltd and Eschelon Telecom Inc.

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How Jeff Yastin Is Giving Back To Society through His Career Experiences

     Jeff Yastin is a seasoned and prominent editor currently stationed at Total Wealth Insider, with Banyan Hill Publishing. His other writings that receive weekly publication from Banyan Hill Publishing fall under the categories Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily. Jeff Yastin’s writings are centred on knowledge from his previous tenures as a financial journalist and stock market investor.

Jeff Yastin previously worked as a key advisor to major firms and qualified individuals seeking to expand their net value through investments. He has vast and in depth expertise on varied revenue generating assets, economic shifts and the process of maintaining a business. He uses his two-decade work experience to offer the same knowledge to subscribers of Banyan Hill Publishing. Since joining the publication house in 2015, several candidates have gained substantial profits from investing in the biopharmaceutical and agricultural fields, as well as startup enterprises and shifts within established companies.

Jeff Yastin’s most reputable inputs in investments played a key role in helping real estate investors manage the 2000 dot com era which destabilized the industry. In 2010, Jeff Yastin was keen on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, which had a national impact on financial markets. His viewpoints and guidelines aided a few players in the industry to avoid losing extensive investments. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina redesigned the auto business for firms in south east of the United States. Jeff remained active in dissecting the multiple options that investors could apply to save their assets. His vigorous involvement in understanding the influence of natural disasters on money markets was highly noted in the assignment of a new administration for Panama Canal in 1999 and the ongoing economic growth in Cuba in 1994 and 2003.

Jeff Yastin is the recipient of multiple awards from various platforms for his outstanding economic career. In 2002, he took home the New York State Society award for his work in a team of journalists investigating what goes in the national bond market. In 2007, Jeff earned a nomination from Emmy Awards for highlighting the financial crisis plaguing bridges, roads and public infrastructure projects within the United States. Jeff derives his expertise from his lengthy career and his icons Richard Branson, Warren Buffet and Sir Richard Branson. While working as a correspondent at PBS Nightly Public Report, Jeff Yastin had the opportune moments to interview his icons. He worked at the position between 1994 and 2010 and consequentially grew his skills in investments and economic trends.

Academy of Art University in Pursuit of Excellence in Art

The New York Fashion Week presents a platform from which newcomers into the fashion world can show off their talent in fashion and design. Recently, Academy of Art University’s school of Fashion held its 21st runway event at the Skylight Clarkson Square. The event showcased two menswear and five womenswear collection designed by the graduates of the school. Each of the pieces showcased had a different theme, idea and craftsmanship techniques because of the diverse backgrounds of the students with some of them coming from as far as China and coastal Maine. Each of the designers took about 15 minutes to showcase their work to their fellow students, teachers and the whole world at large.

Academy of Art University was founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, who was the creative director of Sunset Magazine. By then, it was known as the Academy of Art College but has since risen to become one of the largest property owners in San Francisco. The school has been working on its mission to create professional artists and professionals from its students. They are dedicated to putting in hard work, dedication and discipline of work so that they can learn the skills.

The founder of the institution was ready to admit students into the institutions regardless of their existing skill in art. He had a committed group of staff who were all professional artists to mentor the students. In the current day, the Academy of Art University integrates state of the art technology into its facilities and curriculum so that they can yield good results in the studies of the children. Most of their graduates end up working in high profile companies such as Apple, Nike, Pixar, EA, Zynga and many others.

Apart from fashion, the school also majors in Architecture, Visual effects, fine art, landscape architecture, Visual development, web design, interior design and many other hands-on courses. The school currently hosts more than 18,000 students becoming the largest accredited private art and design University in the United States. The work of the founder has been well continued by President Dr. Elisa Stephens and the Chairman, Emeritus Richard A. Stephens.

Malcolm CasSelle: Driven and Focused

WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange) refers to a decentralized network that gives people the opportunity to join a marketplace that accommodates assets for virtual games. This platform showcases the strength of in-game item tokenization. WAX plans to minimize the costs of transactions. It plans to establish marketplaces that can cater to games for asset transfer purposes as well.


Malcolm CasSelle is an alumnus of MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Stanford University in Stanford, California. He’s a global entrepreneur who now serves as Tronc, Inc.’s President of New Ventures and CTO (Chief Technology Officer). Tronc, Inc. used to be known as Tribune Publishing. He served as the Digital Media general manager and Senior Vice President at SeaChange International before landing his position with Tronc, Inc. He became part of the SeaChange International team back in 2015. That’s precisely when the firm purchased Timeline Labs. CasSelle functioned as the CEO of Timeline Labs. He had quite a rewarding and strong career before working for Timeline Labs as well. CasSelle was at the helm of quite a few digital field startup organizations. A couple examples of these are Xfire and MediaFire. He took part in Groupon’s Tencent effort in East Asia, too.


CasSelle studied computer science while he was a student. He did so both at the aforementioned MIT and Stanford University. He has an enthusiasm for learning that goes before the technological realm. CasSelle is a trilingual individual who has the ability to speak Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.


CasSelle at the moment is based in sunny Los Angeles, California. He has a strong reputation in the online media field on the West Coast. His solid reputation extends to other parts of the United States, too. He’s been a contributor to the successes of many diverse companies throughout the years. Some of these are Capital Union Investments, GlobalCast Networks, Schroder Securities and Original Quinton. CasSelle also has a penchant for volunteer work. He is a tutor for an organization that’s known by the name of “Minds Matter of Los Angeles.” He has a zeal for science and education.


Impeccable Qualities of Dr. Imran Haque

When in an interview when Dr. Imran was asked about where the idea of his business came from,  He says that as an upcoming and young doctor working for an internal medicine practice which was hospital-owned, Dr. Imran Haque recognized a great opportunity to grow the horizons of his community by offering services medically that are not offered at the local level. He says that with the encouraging feedback that he received from the patients who were satisfied with services, he felt inspired to revive the dying principle in the community of medical.

When he was asked on what brings his ideas to life, Imran says that it requires diligence, hard work, financial means and thorough research to bring any worthy idea to life. He continues to say that being patient and organized also is necessary to achieve success. He also says that he highly believes that creating symbiotic relationships and networking with other people in different professionals can assist a great deal to ensure success.

When he was asked on what entrepreneurial habit makes him more productive, Imran says that over many years, he has practiced his ability to multi-task to a point of making it a habit. He continues to say that his ability to multi-task is a necessity to him in his daily routine like breathing. He says his multi-tasking ability has become amazingly above average and that has enabled him to be such a great and productive entrepreneur.

Dr. Imran is a specialist in internal medicine located in Asheboro in North Carolina. 1998 is the time when he graduated from the university with honors. By having over 19 years of varied experience, specifically in internal medicine, Dr. Imran affiliates with a lot of hospitals including High point regional hospital, Southeastern Regional Medical center, First health Montgomery Memorial Hospital, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital and Randolph and highly cooperates with other specialists and doctors in the medical group Horizon Internal medicine. Dr. Imran has for more than 15 years been treating patients who suffer from different illnesses and his experience has enabled him to get a great level of expertise that he utilizes to deal with the high range of medical examinations and illnesses.

The Oxford Club Explains “Retirement Rebalancing”

In this online article, Alexander Green the Chief Investment Strategist for the Oxford Club explains the concept of “retirement rebalancing.”

Retirement rebalancing is vital for every investor who is no longer in the workforce. If you’re in the stage of life of living on wealth instead of building it, you need to understand this concept.

That’s because, on average, people are living longer than ever. You will likely need to use your portfolio to bolster your lifestyle for two to three decades. Depending on how medical science advances in the years to come, you might live far longer than you now believe.

That increases the risk that your portfolio will face in the financial markets. There’ll certainly be a bear market (or two or three) in the next few decades. If you sell stocks when their prices are low, that will weaken your portfolio even after the market again turns up. Inflation could certainly go up again in the future.

People often ask Green how much money they should keep in stocks. In the article, he explains the need to keep enough money in low-risk bonds or cash to meet your living expenses during bear markets. Keep the remainder of your capital in the stock market to take advantage of price rises caused by bull markets.

During bear markets, you live on cash. During bull markets, you live on stocks.

The Oxford Club is an international network of investors and entrepreneurs who seek to build and protect their wealth using the best available financial strategies and information available.

Based in Baltimore Maryland, The Oxford Club has over 80,000 members. Investment U is the teaching branch of the Oxford Club, one of the first financial education websites online. Investment U offers everyone a free daily email service, Investment U Daily. Membership gives access to a tremendous number of courses, books, videos, conferences and other educational opportunities. Their goal is to help members create freedom through extraordinary wealth creation. Investment U Daily also has a premium version, Investment U Plus, which gives stock tips you can use immediately to make money with.

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Siteline Cabinetry Helping You Build Your Dream Kitchen

The interiors of the kitchen are essential as they have the power to not only make the kitchen look like lively and appealing, but also make it functional and organized. Every homeowner would want their kitchen to look modern, stylish, and organized at the same time. Many different kinds of furniture concepts and ideas can be implemented these days to get the desired outcome. Irrespective what is the décor theme of your home, there is always a way available to ensure that the kitchen décor blends in with it.

Cabinetry solutions play a significant role in kitchen décor as it helps with storage solutions and also ensures that the kitchen gives out an organized feel. There are different kinds of cabinet trends going on in the market that you must know about to get the best for your kitchen. There are personalized Siteline cabinets that can be constructed from scratch, starting from its design, color, and size. The cabinets with subtle designs and having clean lines are very much in fashion these days as it gives out an elegant yet sophisticated look. And, while most people tend to go for black or white colors for their kitchen cabinets, shaker style kitchen cabinets have also become quite popular lately.

People are also choosing gray and neutral colors for their kitchen cabinets. Being different is in trend, and people do not want to follow what has been tried, tested, and known for the years. Functionality is the crucial factor in the kitchen décor, and cabinetry solutions are vital to keep the kitchen functional. Siteline Cabinetry is a brand owned and managed by the Corsi Group, which has been around since the early 1970s. The company has extensive experience in providing cabinetry solutions to the clients for many years and takes into account the vision and requirements of the clients before starting the work.

The ability of Siteline Cabinetry to ensure that the clients’ vision is met comprehensively is what has made the company so popular among the customers. It offers its services at economical prices and backs it with extremely attentive and responsive customer service and after-sales services.

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